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St. Clement School

Sun. September 24, 2017

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Rachel Espinoza
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  Religious Education Program 2017-2018  
Hosted By: St. Clement Church


Welcome to a new year! St. Clement offers spiritual formation for children,
opening up hearts and minds to the wonder of God and our Catholic faith. Join us!

****Communion I we are at Maximum Capacity please Contact Rachel in regard to signing up for Communion I****

Sunday Morning Religious Education:

Grade PreK(4 years) thru Grade 8

Meets as follows:
Sunday from 10:40a.m. to 11:45a.m. in St. Clement School.
Additional community building experiences, prayer and Mass opportunities will be held on weeknights throughout the year— please reference calendar in the fall.

Important Dates:
Registration Deadline: September 1, 2017
Sunday, September 17, 2017— Blessing of Catechists at 9:30 Mass—Open House in School following 9:30 Mass.
Sunday, September 24, 2017—Religious Education Classes Begin.

Sacramental Guidelines:

•    A copy of Baptismal record is needed for reception of a sacrament.
     Please email a copy after registering online.
•    Parents help determine readiness for sacraments. A meeting will be held each fall to assist parents with this process.

•    At St. Clement it is customary for children to receive First Communion in 2nd Grade, and First Reconciliation in 3rd Grade. Students who wish to celebrate First Eucharist in 2nd Grade should normally be enrolled beginning in the Fall of 1st Grade. (Archdiocesan guidelines require two years of prep for each sacrament.

•    Confirmation: Confirmation preparation is now a two- year process. At St. Clement it is customary for children to receive in 8th Grade. Preparation begins in 7th Grade. Students who register for 8th Grade but who have not attended formation in classes in 7th will be required to complete two years of Preparation for Confirmation.

•    Children from other parishes may join St. Clement sacramental preparation process and celebrate the sacrament at their home parish with a written agreement between the parents, the home parish Director of Religious Education and Pastor, and our Director of Catechesis, Rachel Espinoza.

We’re making some changes to the way you register for classes! These changes are being made to reflect Archdiocesan guidelines for Sacramental Preparation, which require at least 2 years of preparation for all sacraments: 1st Communion, 1st Reconciliation, & Confirmation. The two year requirement is meant to help ensure each child has time to learn the basics of faith and to establish a real friendship with Jesus before preparing for reception of the Sacraments, rather than relying on custom/age as the basis for reception of a sacrament. When registering your child(ren) for Religious Education classes on the next page, please indicate which class they are registering using the codes below.


Class Code Description (Who can register for this class?)

PreK/K Students who are registered for PreK or Kindergarten in their Elementary Schools.

Communion I Com. I 1st Graders AND 2nd Graders (for whom this is their first year of Religious formation.)

Communion II Com. II 2nd Graders AND 3rd Graders who have completed Communion I last year (1st Grade)

Reconciliation I Rec. I 3rd Graders AND 4th Graders who have completed Communion II last year (2nd Grade)

4th Grade 4th Graders who have completed Rec. I

5th Grade 5th Graders

6th Grade 6th Graders

Confirmation I Conf. I 7th Graders AND 8th Graders who have not yet completed Confirmation I.

Confirmation II Conf. II 8th Graders AND 9th Graders who have not yet completed Confirmation II.


Please Note

First Communion is celebrated in the Spring of Communion II prep (Year 2).

First Reconciliation is celebrated in the Spring of Reconciliation I (Year after Com. I)

Confirmation is celebrated in the Spring of Confirmation II (Year 2).



Student A is entering 2nd grade, and was enrolled in Religious Ed last year.
•   Should enroll in Com. II & will receive 1st Communion in Spring of 2nd Grade. 

Student B is entering 2nd grade, has never been to Religious Ed before.
•   Should enroll in Com. I & will receive 1st Communion in Spring of 3rd Grade.

Student C is entering 8th grade, has not been to Religious Ed since 2nd Grade.
•   Should enroll in Conf. I &  will receive Confirmation in Spring of 9th Grade. 

Student D is entering 5th grade (first time being enrolled in Religious Education), and has not yet received 1st Communion / Reconciliation.
•   Should enroll in 5th Grade & Speak to Rachel Espinoza about Special Sacrament Prep.




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