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Orange Restoration San Diego
8250 Vickers St Suite C, San Diego, CA 92111
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Mon. January 4, 2016

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  Propert Management Course: The dangers of water damage, and how to prevent them  
Hosted By: Yaron Lief

An exciting and dynamic training course has been devised, and will be offered to those within the property management industry completely free of charge. Scheduled for Monday January 4th 2016, it will be a fantastic opportunity to learn exactly how the different aspects of property management can affect the likelihood of water damage, and exactly what can be done in order to minimise that likelihood. What potentially could be even more fascinating is using case studies in order to assess exactly what you would have done in that situation, and learn from ‘mistakes’ without any of the awful consequences.

It is no secret that water damage can be incredibly destructive, especially if it has been going on for a long period of time without the knowledge of the property manager. The longer water seeps into a building, the longer it will take to dry out, and the more mold and other dangerous things could be growing within it. Each moment that the water is left unattended, the more damage it will cause to objects that include fabrics, paper, and electrical items. However, the one area in the property that very few people even think to plan for is the place where you can find the most water anyway – and that’s the bathroom.

Yes, you may not believe it, but many people will completely ignore protecting their bathroom from water damage because they incorrectly assume that it is already as protected as it needs to be. A quick look around the average bathroom will show that there is plenty of plastic or tiles, plenty of grout, and a continuous cleaning pattern. Surely this means that the bathroom is completely protected from water damage?

Sadly not. The fact is that the chances of water damage rise exponentially when there is more water there in the first place, and no matter how well protected you consider your bathroom to be, unless it has been completely reassessed with water damage in mind, the chances are that the showers, sink, and bathtub could easily be leaking water out right at this moment, damaging the plaster and the walls behind them.

Thankfully, mold in a bathroom is also easier to detect than in other areas of the property, because the smell is often contained in that one space and so becomes very potent very quickly. As soon as you or one of your tenants notices that there is a slight smell of mold in the bathroom, then you will need to act almost immediately, as that smell means that water damage has already occurred, and potential water damage repair/restoration costs could be mounting by the moment.

If this information has proved useful for you, then there is a huge amount of other information that you could definitely benefit from that will be given at the free training course for water damage prevention. The Red Cross Disaster Relief fund is the charity that is sported through this event, and we ask that attendants who are able to will give generously. 

More about Orange Restoration San Diego at: http://orange-restoration.com

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