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Fri. March 22, 2013
to Sun. March 24, 2013

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  NOAH's 8th Annual Bowl-a-thon  
Hosted By: The National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation

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NOAH 2009 bowl-a-thon

What’s the Purpose of the Bowl-a-thon?

The Bowl-a-thon is a fun way for the albinism community to come together in person locally and in spirit across the United States while raising funds for NOAH programs. NOAH depends on dues and donations by its members to continue to operate basic programs, and needs the bowl-a-thon to fund special projects and new initiatives. All of the money that you collect will help keep NOAH moving forward.

Where will the money I raise go?

  • Parent support programs – Providing accurate information and support for new parents about this rare condition.
  • Parent Services – opportunities for parents to connect and support each other while discussing a variety of topics.
  • Adult Services Program – Online discussion groups and webinars featuring topics of interest to adults with albinism.
  • Web site redesign and enhancement.
  • Youth Services Programs – Providing safe, healthy and fun opportunities for youth with albinism to develop lasting relationships, build confidence and create a “Tool Box” for living with albinism.
  • Outreach to the medical community – NOAH attendance at medical conferences.
  • Webinar Series - Monthly online session covering topics of interest to the albinism community.
  • The Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network – Provide information for people with the condition as well as medical professionals who treat the condition.

It Really is as Easy as 1-2-3-4!

1. Pick a day, time, and place to bowl ~ March 22-24, 2013

  • Contact your local bowling alley to reserve lanes to bowl (consider adding a food/drink package for a more social event)
  • Join your state events.org team at http://www.events.org/noah. (this is a secure website, great for on-line donations)
  • Publicize your event

2. Collect Donations

  • Collect donations from friends and family.
  • In Person: Use the pledge sheet to collect sponsors.
  • Via e-mail: Use the events.org page to e-mail friends and family.

3. Contact NOAH with details of your event so we can help you spread the work to others in your area from the NOAH community.

4. Bowl, collect money, complete survey and send to NOAH.

  • Now for the Fun part!  You can just bowl, throw a bowling party, or even have fun Wii bowling!  Regardless of your choice, you'll be joining hundreds of other members of the albinism community across America in support of NOAH!
  • Collect money using your pledge sheet (if not using on-line donations).
  • Don’t forget to check out the cool NOAH prizes for participating!!
  • Complete the quick survey and let us know how your event went! 
  • For sponsors giving cash, don't forget to give them a cash donation receipt!
  • Drop it all in the mail! Put your pledge sheet, prize form, completed survey and check or money order in US funds.

Do not forget to educate your family and friends about albinism and NOAH with the fact sheet provided Fact Sheet.

Need Help?  Send us an email and NOAH will connect you with a party planner.
Call 800-473-2310 or email bowlathon@albinism.org.


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