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"We list all our major events on Events.org. It's rated in the top 30 places to include your events in."
A Midwest Hospital Foundation

Events.org is the premiere calendar search engine for non-profit community events and provides an exclusive list of events in your area. Events.org was started by a philanthropic organization wanting to give back to the community by making it easier to promote and find great events and causes.

Your organizations can promote events by posting them for free on Events.org. You can find great events on the event calendar by searching location, organization, date, or interests. Once you find a great event use the invite a friend or add to Outlook features.

  • Looking for new ways to reach wider audiance and younger constituents?

  • Benefits:
    • Promote your event on Events.org, with a growing number of visitors each month looking for real events.
    • Get your event visible to the major search engine, thru events.org integration

    • Quickly add your event info and customize it to match your brand
    • Post all your major events and make it easier for the public to find your organization

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