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Greetings, Friend –

Have you ever had something so amazing happen, that you had to ask yourself, “how can this get any better” or “will it ever be that good again”?

In 2010 my team, Richard’s Riders – raised an incredible $39,400 to help support an AIDS Service Organization here in Chicago called Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN). This was such an amazing accomplishment, both hard earned and well deserved. This accomplishment is owed in part (a big part), to people like you.

As I embark on my fourth Ride for AIDS, I am reminded that the bar has been set high. Certainly, this is a reminder of what can be, but also most definitely, a sign of the hard work ahead.

For the past three years I have been raising money for TPAN as someone living with HIV, trying to make a difference in the HIV/AIDS Community and the world. This year is a little different. In October of 2010 I came on board as an employee at TPAN. That is part of what makes this year so much more important and special to me.

The services that TPAN provides to its clients are, for many - a lifeline. It is with this lifeline that they maintain sobriety, learn to accept their disease, and find a place where they are accepted for who they are – disease and all.

In addition, TPAN provides HIV testing - which as we know, testing is the only way to know if you have HIV. TPAN also provides needle exchange and HIV prevention information to the Community, both which are known to reduce the spread of HIV.

Through your tax-deductible donation you help support dozen’s of people, including myself, who every day, help hundred’s of clients live their best life possible with HIV/AIDS by providing them with the support they need.

Our team, Richard’s Riders has set an even higher goal this year - $50,000! To do this we need everyone on board. Give what you can, whether it is $10 or $100. Then do me an even bigger favor. Share this letter. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to help support our efforts. Chances are you know someone living with this disease – even if they haven’t told you yet.

When you share this letter, you bring awareness to a cause that so many have forgotten. We are fortunate that people, including myself, are living longer more productive lives with this disease. However, there is still so much shame and stigma that is associated with HIV/AIDS.

By helping to raise money, you help raise awareness. Awareness brings change. Change brings hope. The hope that those living with disease will find acceptance and the hope that those who are negative – stay that way.
Please, donate today. Give what you can. Ask for your friends to do the same.

As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

We are those citizens, we can change the world. Join me.

Much love and light,


p.s. My link to share is

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Donor Date Donation Comment
Beth DeMars 11/24/2010 $50.00 Good luck on your ride.  
Randy Bailey 12/1/2010 $100.00 Go Richard!!! 
Erin Shelley 12/1/2010 $50.00  
Sarah & Doug Ruhl 12/3/2010 $40.00 You are an amazing human being! Keep ridin'! 
Remy Swain 12/21/2010 $50.00 Go Richard Go! 
Anna Rivera 12/21/2010 $50.00  
Richard Cordova 12/25/2010 $100.00 Surprise Christmas Donation from Aunt Betty!!! 
Kimberly Michaelson 1/4/2011 $50.00 I love you Richard - thanks for all you do to inspire me, and for being my friend!!! 
Julie Vazquez 1/7/2011 $40.00 from your silly spin groupies! Love what you're doing sweets! xo 
Nicholas Joyner 1/7/2011 $100.00  
Caroline Rubin 1/8/2011 $50.00 Good luck Richard! I hope you surpass your goal! 
Hillary Phelps 1/14/2011 $20.00 Good luck! 
Mike Lufrano 1/14/2011 $25.00  
STEPHANIE SVEC 1/15/2011 $100.00 Good luck! Thank you for your epic energy & motivating spin classes! 
Jennifer Baygood 1/16/2011 $25.00 You rock it out always!!!! No one else could get me up at 6am!  
Troy Karnoff 1/16/2011 $25.00 Thank you for doing this for all of affected or infected! 
Barbra Josephson 1/16/2011 $25.00 Good Luck Richard!!  
Erica Agran 1/16/2011 $50.00 I am planning to ride - but you are my first charitable donation of 2011 to get the good karma rolling! 
Angela Yonker 1/17/2011 $50.00 "Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring." ~Lorrin L. Lee - Rich, YOU are inspiring, as is your Life!! (I am entertaining the idea of riding with you in July!) 
Michael Conklin 1/18/2011 $125.00 I am so proud of you!!! Good luck! xoxoxo 
Paul Ketz 1/18/2011 $50.00 Good luck, Richard! 
Peter Hepburn 1/19/2011 $30.00 Richard, I wish you a successful ride! 
Jim Jackowski 1/23/2011 $500.00 I love your competitiveness, drive and energy. Your heart is as big as your smile! Plus, you make me laugh:) Good luck, expect a matching gift from Adobe as well! 
Paul Wiemerslage 1/24/2011 $50.00  
Vanessa Svec 1/28/2011 $25.00 I would be happy to donate to any 1MM fundraiser, especially one so important! Good Luck Everyone! 
Stacy Camisa 2/10/2011    
Susan Howe 2/10/2011 $100.00 Go Richard! 
barbara pinto 2/12/2011 $100.00 wish I could join you! 
Kevin Bernal 2/14/2011 $25.00 Ride Valentine!  
Drew Champ 2/14/2011 $200.00  
Nuveen Investments, LLC 2/14/2011 $200.00  
Freya Olsen 2/15/2011 $25.00 You are an inspiration Richard. Thank you for always having a smile on your face and showing us all how to live life to its fullest! xo 
Hillary Scharmann 2/18/2011 $100.00 Love you! Thanks to you being you, Mr. Inspiration. 
Josephine Cordova 2/22/2011 $50.00  
Kimberly Trader 2/23/2011 $25.00  
Lindsay Robinson 3/4/2011 $100.00 Go Bunny!! xoxo 
Jim Jackowski 3/16/2011 $120.00  
Jim Jackowski 3/28/2011 $500.00 Jim's employer matching donation program 
Carolyn Mora 3/30/2011   Go Richard Go, Go Richard Go, Go Richard Go :) 
Terry Cushman 4/7/2011 $25.00 "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start". Nido Qubein 
Erica Agran 4/15/2011   Happy Birthday! 
Meg Joyce 4/15/2011 $25.00 Happy birthday to the best spin instructor in the world. You rock, Richard! 
Jennifer Kushto 4/16/2011 $15.00 In Lieu of a martini we are supporting a GREAT cause. Have a wonderful birthday!!! 
Laurel Blomquist 4/16/2011   happy birthday, Richard! ride on!  
Katy Paige 4/17/2011 $33.00 Happy belated! 
Brad Jalbert 4/21/2011 $100.00 I admire your amazing drive and getterrrrrrr done attitude! Ride Hard Richard:) 
Patricia Presley 4/22/2011 $50.00  
Anthony Schroeder 5/2/2011 $25.00  
Kenner Estes 5/4/2011 $100.00 60660 
Cecilia Boyd 5/18/2011 $20.00 Great work ChaCha! 
North Halsted Dental Center 5/18/2011 $100.00  
Lisa Sakai 5/23/2011 $100.00  
Andrea Bercos 5/23/2011 $25.00 Honored to support you!!! 
Adobe Systems Incorporated 5/24/2011 $120.00 Jim Jackowski's employer's matching donation program 
Grant Olson 6/2/2011 $50.00 Have a great ride. Sorry that I won't be part of it this year...For reasons shared.  
Christine Forster 6/9/2011 $25.00 Thanks for encouraging me to join the team.... it's going to be a life changer! 
Renee DeMan 6/10/2011 $25.00 Thank you for being an awesome coach. You are a true leader and I feel blessed to know you. Thank you for being leading me down this path of health and determination!  
Renee DeMan 6/10/2011 $25.00 Thank you for being an awesome coach. You are a true leader and I feel blessed to know you. Thank you for being leading me down this path of health and determination!  
Michael Wehman 6/15/2011 $100.00 Go Richard! Thanks for your amazing community leadership. 
Erik Glenn 6/15/2011 $50.00 You are truly inspirational. Your efforts will help us see the end to HIV in our lifetime and adequate care for all those infected! 
Mandee Miller 6/15/2011 $25.00 Go Richard's Riders!! 
Amy Decelles 6/15/2011 $10.00  
Sarah Ruhl 6/16/2011 $30.00 Sarah Ruhl 
Michael Dentato 6/16/2011 $100.00 Ride Italitran Ride! 
Don Hansen 6/17/2011 $25.00 ...happy to support you and the cause!!! 
Charles Evans 6/27/2011 $50.00  
Karen Wortmann-Cary 6/29/2011 $10.00 You are truly an inspiration! 
Jason McVicker 7/3/2011 $50.00 Thank you for everything you do.  
Julie Speck 7/4/2011 $25.00 Not sure if we have actually met in person, but I'm a CAC spin instructor too. Very moved by your ride and cause! 
Jeremiah Miles 7/5/2011 $10.69 thanks again for all your hard work sir! 
Kate Szumski 7/5/2011 $15.00 I wish I could donate in dollars the amount of pride and effort you bring to this event, but I'm not a millionaire. So happy to be a part of this with you! Congrats on your $100K. 
jeffrey krucek 7/6/2011 $100.00 Have an amazing ride. You are such an inspiration 
Beth DeMars 7/6/2011 $25.00 Thank you for getting me involved in this and for never throwing me out of a moving car, even when I deserved it. Much love from bike #30. 
James Sumers 7/6/2011 $51.00 Thanks for being an amazing inspiration and for always putting up with me!  
Denise Johnson 7/6/2011 $115.00 xo 
Benita Sakin 7/6/2011 $110.31 Thanks for everything, especially getting James involved! 
Mike Conklin 7/6/2011 $100.00 Here is some more to put towards this great ride and cause. THANKS for doing this! xoxoxo 
Enid Vazquez 7/7/2011 $25.00 Love you, Richard! Thank you for all you do! XOXOXO, Enid 
Mary Alice Ackerman 7/7/2011 $10.00 Thankyou for all you have done to organize the ride!! 

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