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On April 23rd I will be participating in the "Run for the Cheetah" 5K, held in Chicago. The world's fastest land animal is losing it's race for survival so along with participating in this 5K event, I am raising funds to help save the cheetah in the wild. I need your help to reach my personal fund raising goal of $1,000, all of which goes directly to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

The cheetah is at a population of less then 12,000 cats in the wild, and they WILL disappear in our lifetime (about 20 years) without our help and intervention. While I know our days are busy beyond measure and that finances may be tight, please take a moment to consider making a donation. Any amount of help is appreciated, and will help preserve one of the Earth's greatest cats for generations to come!

The cheetah wants your help, and I need your help! Please help me support my passion. From my heart to yours, thank you in advance!
My Goal:
Amount Raised:

About my cause:
Dr. Laurie Marker is Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). A former Oregonian, Laurie Marker is a Time magazine "Hero for the Planet" award recipient, and is a world-renowned expert on the cheetah. CCF's mission is "to secure habitats for the long-term survival of the cheetah and their ecosystem through multidiscipline and integrated programs of conservation, research and education."

The fastest land animal on earth is also Africa's most endangered big cat. With only 12,000 wild cheetah left, the cheetah could disappear within 20 years. With your help, CCF can maintain the programs that will help the cheetah win its race for survival.
Please check out the award winning conservation and environmental ideas and programs highlighted on their website www.cheetah.org.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization #31-1726923 in the United States. Visit www.cheetah.org for more information.

Donor Date Donation Comment
Linda Christiansen 3/7/2011 $20.00 Make sure you share that picture of you with the Cheetah!!!! 
Anonymous 3/7/2011 $25.00 My mother-in-law is proud of you! 
Anonymous 3/7/2011 $20.00  
Lisa Roman 3/7/2011 $20.00 Maybe we will see you on "Big Cat Diary" ?? 
Anonymous 3/7/2011 $20.00  
Joe Patt 3/7/2011 $25.00 Keep the eye of the tiger or cheetah! 
Judith Golden 3/7/2011 $36.00  
Natasha Phillips 3/8/2011 $10.00 Good Luck Lynn for a great cause. 
Linda Elazegui 3/9/2011 $20.00  
Anonymous 3/10/2011 $20.00 From Andrea, Wendy & Linda V  
Anonymous 3/11/2011 $30.00 From Debbie Horsley 
Anonymous 3/11/2011 $25.00 Good Luck! 
Anonymous 3/11/2011 $10.00 From Stacey Clark 
Anonymous 3/14/2011 $20.00 From Ann Heminway 
Katie McKew 3/17/2011 $30.00 Good Luck Lynn 
Jo Runnels 3/17/2011 $15.00 Best of luck, Lynn ! 
Erin Hofstetter 3/17/2011 $25.00  
Anonymous 3/17/2011 $10.00 From Linda Hinds 
beverly allred 3/17/2011    
Liza Ward 3/18/2011 $10.00  
Anonymous 3/18/2011 $5.00 From Marilyn Hall 
Melissa Christoffel-Capoccia 3/22/2011 $25.00 Go Lynn! 
Anonymous 3/23/2011 $25.00  
Christine Karau 3/23/2011 $35.00  
Anonymous 3/29/2011 $20.00 From Lynda Orr 
Ryan Lee 3/30/2011 $40.00 Good luck on the run! 
Anonymous 3/30/2011 $20.00 From Lori Kaires 
Anonymous 4/2/2011 $25.00 From Lisa and Jesse  
Stacy Fass 4/3/2011 $10.00 Good Luck Lynn! 
Anonymous 4/4/2011 $14.00 Let's round out those numbers!!! 
Lynn Simpson 4/4/2011    
Carl Smith 4/5/2011 $25.00  
Janet Khashab 4/5/2011 $10.00 My youngest daughter's favorite animal, so had to help...Go Lynn! 
Anonymous 4/6/2011 $50.00  
Anonymous 4/6/2011 $5.00 From Jesse M. 
Lynn Coomans 4/11/2011 $20.00  
Nancy Teskoski 4/12/2011   GO LYNN!! 
Anonymous 4/14/2011 $25.00 From Mary Lamphere 
Anonymous 4/14/2011 $25.00 Good luck! 
Anonymous 4/14/2011 $25.00  
Mike Johnson 4/14/2011 $20.00 They should release the cheetah at the start of the race. Then we will see how fast you can run. 
Anonymous 4/14/2011 $10.00  
Anonymous 4/14/2011 $5.00 From Linda Kammer 
Rhonda Schaefer 4/14/2011 $15.00  
Ken Erlander 4/14/2011 $15.00  
Anonymous 4/14/2011 $15.00  
Anonymous 4/20/2011 $10.00 From JJ 
Anonymous 4/21/2011 $70.00 Congratulations! 
Casey Fallos 4/22/2011 $20.00  

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