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I am always willing to help out a great cause and when I heard about this opportunity I jumped at the chance. I love seeing the wishes granted that Make A Wish makes possible. That is why I am taking part in Wish Jump 2012 so those wishes can continue. Please help Make A Wish by making a donation
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Donor Date Donation Comment
Heather Hans 8/2/2012 $25.00 You Go Scott!!! Your Living out my Bucket List! 
Christena Casale 8/2/2012 $25.00 A great guy for a great cause! Hope your jump is awesome! :-) 
Tamilynn Wilson 8/3/2012 $25.00 enjoy the wind on your face Scott. 
Linda Tusch 8/4/2012 $10.00 Don't look down ;)) 
Susan Handerhan 8/4/2012 $15.00 Have a great time Scott! 
Laura Tarullo 8/4/2012   I'm all for a good cause! Wish it could be more but I know every little bit helps! 
Sandra Gorham 8/4/2012   Great cause. wish I could donate more, but I give my support to this wonderful cause! 
Jessi Sawyer 8/4/2012 $20.00 JUMP!!! Your awesome for doing this! 
Courtney Herkel 8/6/2012   Have a great time but come back in one piece! 
Margaret A Tompkins 8/7/2012 $30.00 So good of you to raise money for this wonderful charity and best of luck with the jump.xx 
Hanna Dietrich 8/8/2012 $25.00 Awesome!!! 
Jill Panaway 8/13/2012 $25.00 Good luck cuz! 
Tina Rivenburg 8/14/2012 $20.00 Thank you for helping out such a wonderful organization. Good Luck ! 
Deidre VanHeirseele 8/15/2012 $75.00 So jealous, Scott! Good for you for doing this. :) 
Anonymous 8/15/2012 $10.00 Go Scotty! 
David Oliver 8/17/2012 $25.00  
Erin Campbell 8/18/2012 $25.00 You go Scott! :) 
Brenda Adams 8/19/2012 $10.00 Good Luck Scott!!! 
Holly McConchie 8/21/2012 $25.00 good luck - why jump out of a perfectly good plane? 
Marianne Roche 8/23/2012 $10.00  
Denise Willsey 8/23/2012 $10.00  
Jim Stevens 8/23/2012 $10.00 Scotty. Have a great time. 
Monte Jennings 8/23/2012 $5.00 Please don't die, we need more man trips. 
Brian Cady 8/24/2012 $20.00  
Wendy Tompkins 8/24/2012 $25.00 Have fun- I still think you're crazy! 
mike jones 8/25/2012 $20.00 Hope it went well lol  

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