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Jim Durán's Cycling Season for the Paul Ruby Foundation
I'm raising money for this event: 2013 Sub-5 Ride
 My Message
As many of  you know, my father (George) had lived with the effects of Parkinson's disease for many years, passing away in June 2011.  Needless to say, Parkinson’s Disease research for a cure and treatment is near to my heart.

This marks my fifth year of raising funds for Parkinson’s disease research by riding my bicycle. In past years I have used RAGBRAI 37, and all three editions of the Sub 5 Century Challenge to challenge myself to make a difference. In considering this year’s effort, I decided to notch the challenge a little bit further. So, here’s my challenge to you, my sponsors:

I plan to raise, dollar for mile, the amount of distance that I cycle this season, culminating in the Sub 5 Ride for Parkinsons benefitting the Paul Ruby Foundation.

For reference, here’s how the last several years stack up:
Year Miles Funds Raised
2009 3270.9 $1,550
2010 3360.2 $1,502
2011 3545.6 $2,530
2012 4000.1 $2,745

Jim Durán’s 2013 Targeted Rides (and ride reports)
100 Miles of Nowhere - 27 May ( http://sdrv.ms/1clEfzK )
Udder Century - 2 June ( http://sdrv.ms/1clEqeA )
RAGBRAI XLI - 21-27 July ( http://sdrv.ms/1clEDhZ )
Sub5 Ride for Parkinsons - 8 September

I’ll do my best to put the miles in. Would you please consider helping me to reach my fundraising goal?
My Goal:
Amount Raised:

About my cause:
Since its inaugural event in 2010, the Sub-5 Ride has raised over $70,000 in net proceeds for the Paul Ruby Foundation for Parkinson's Disease Research. The ride is rapidly growing in popularity. Your sponsorship donation will make the ride even more successful in 2013. Thank you!
Donor Date Donation Comment
Jim Duran 2/15/2013 $35.00 Initial Donation 
Susan Vitulli 5/10/2013 $25.00 Good Luck Jim 
Linda Plegge 5/10/2013   Rich's Aunt June passed away in August and also suffered from Parkinson's so this is in memory of her as well. 
Anonymous 5/10/2013    
Anonymous 5/11/2013    
Thomas Altemus 5/11/2013 $15.00 Have a great year. Maybe I'll see you at the Udder. 
Art Fumarolo 5/12/2013 $50.00 May the wind be at your back... 
Pat Graham 5/13/2013 $15.00 All the best 
Susan Klemstein 5/13/2013 $25.00 in honor of my dad too! 
Tom Senese 5/13/2013 $15.00 good luck for a worthy cause 
Jim and Judy Hewitt 5/13/2013 $5.00 We are glad to donate and motivate.  
Jim and Judy Hewitt 5/13/2013 $50.00 Sorry about first attempt...too high tech.  
Troy Heinritz 5/15/2013   Go JIM Go! 
Chris Hintz 5/16/2013 $50.00 Wish I could see you in those shorts! 
Dan McDonald 5/17/2013 $20.00 Good luck Jim 
Anonymous 5/17/2013    
Thomas Hoffman 5/19/2013   Have fun riding for a great cause! 
Daniel Reed 5/20/2013   Go Jim Go! 
Karn Parker 5/25/2013    
Anonymous 5/26/2013    
Marilyn Henricks 6/1/2013 $25.00 Check mailed direct to PRF  
Irwin Coats 6/1/2013 $15.00 Check mailed direct to PRF 
Motorola Solutions Foundation 6/1/2013 $130.00 Check mailed direct to PRF 
Sue Tomaska 6/1/2013 $20.00  
Gerald Drobka 6/2/2013    
Kirthiga Arunachalam 6/3/2013 $25.00 Good Luck Jim. Great cause. 
The Finches 6/3/2013   'Wheel' be thinking of you!  
Dolores Bina 6/5/2013   Ride like the wind, Brother!!! 
Magdalene Duran 6/5/2013 $30.00 Am so proud of your efforts! 
Kennneth Weller 6/5/2013 $50.00 Ride on Jim!!! 
Hashim Rasheed 6/13/2013   All the best, Jim! 
Anonymous 6/23/2013   Way to use all your 'gears' to honor and glorify! Hebrews 10:36 
John Marks 7/8/2013 $50.00 Good Luck Jim! 
Jay Austin 7/9/2013 $20.00 Good luck Jim! Better you than me! 
Chris Love 7/19/2013 $25.00 Enjoy the rides! 
Dan and Mary Kay Travers 8/5/2013 $25.00 Good luck! 
Miroslaw chmiel 8/24/2013 $30.00 Good luck Jim! 
Howard Goldsberry 8/26/2013    
Russell Sturm 8/27/2013 $25.00 Keep on pedaling!! Good Luck! 
Anonymous 8/29/2013 $400.00 Since we haven't found a home church yet, we are donating our tithe to a number of favorite causes. God bless you for your efforts to help! 
Anonymous 8/29/2013 $200.00  
Jeff Horvath 8/29/2013   Best of luck.  
Anonymous 8/30/2013    
Mike Bonvallet 8/30/2013 $100.00 Live to Ride, Ride to Live! Enjoy your ride Jim. 
Matt Peters 8/30/2013 $25.00  
Dave Hasbach 8/30/2013    
Jim Duran 8/30/2013 $215.00 Bumping up the stakes. 
The Fine Line 8/31/2013 $25.00 Check received by PRF 
Jay Marusich 9/2/2013    
Ellen Carp 9/3/2013 $20.00 Good luck riding for a great cause 
Paul Ring 9/3/2013   Have a great ride, Jim! Want to see a new record! 
Dave Milke 9/4/2013 $10.00  
William Thompson 9/4/2013 $50.00 Stay safe and have a fast ride 
peter zieger 9/5/2013 $25.00  
Neeraj Mehrotra 9/7/2013 $35.00 Ride the wind!!!!! 
Anonymous 9/8/2013 $250.00 Best of luck on your ride. 
Terry Zillmer 9/9/2013 $114.29 $50 for your sub5 and 18/21 of $75 for the Rat Pack sub5 
Anonymous 9/11/2013 $25.00  
Anonymous 9/28/2013 $425.00 great work on the sub 5 challenge 

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