Chicago’s trees provide innumerable benefits to our city. They play a key role in:

Reducing air pollution.
Cleaning our air. One mature tree produces enough oxygen in a year for one adult.
Cooling the air and reducing the energy required to cool buildings.
Reducing urban “heat island” effects by shading cities’ parking lots and concrete structures which take on very high temperatures when exposed to sun.
Reducing flooding by intercepting 1,000 gallons of water per year per mature tree.
Improving water quality by filtering particulate matter that would otherwise end up in sewers and eventually our streams and lakes.
Reducing street noise and providing a visually-pleasing buffer from manufactured urban sites, such as road medians and concrete walls.
Improving our sense of well-being by reducing fear, decreasing violent behavior and giving comfort.
Increasing property values as much as 10 percent.
Increasing revenue for businesses near trees.
Providing beauty in the urban setting.
• Contributing to community pride and cooperation.

The Chicago Bears and Chicago Gateway Green have united to Save Da Planet by launching the Chicago Bears Tree Sponsorship Program. All season ticket holders, business partners and fans are encouraged to adopt a tree that will be planted as part of a Bears Forest.

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