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Sat. September 19, 2020

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Linda Short
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  2020 Virtual Johnnie Be Good Rock & Roll Trivia  
Hosted By: Play It Forward and Time Code Films

Rock and Roll Trivia FAQ

How do we tune in and see Art Holliday?

Art will be live on Zoom in a webinar format that we suggest you watch on a computer or you can use a smart TV if you have one.  We will have some special guests throughout the evening as well. Art is quite entertaining and shares fun information about the film and music in general. 

How do I get the link for the webinar?

We will send out the link a week before the event to all registrants.  If you were invited to participate on a team, please connect with the team captain and they will have it.

How do we get the trivia questions?

Trivia is played on your mobile device and we will give you the link at the beginning and throughout the trivia event.  Art will announce the question and play the sound bite if the question requires it.  Once the question is announced, it will be live on your mobile device. You will have 30-60 seconds to answer the question. The faster you answer the question the more points you get.

Do I have to download the trivia app?

No, the actual trivia game will be played on a web-based platform on your mobile device and it is VERY easy to get connected! We will give you the link at the beginning of the night and throughout the event if you accidently close your browser.

What device will work for trivia?

You can use your smart phone or tablet. It is a web-based platform so all you need is an internet browser. It will be difficult to watch the webinar and play trivia on the same device, so we recommend you log into the webinar on your computer or a smart TV, and then connect to the Trivia portion using your mobile device.

Does my team have to be at the same place?

If your team is geographically local, we encourage you to gather and you can discuss your answer and play as though you are at an actual event.  Otherwise everyone will be able to play on their own devices and the system will compile an average of the scores of those on your team to figure your team score. 

How do I make sure I am on the right team?

Contact your team captain for your team name. When you login into the trivia game it will request your name, email and you will be able to choose from a drop-down menu of teams.  If you are joining us as an individual, you can join any of the individual teams listed.

What if I do not have a team of 8 or if my guests want to use 1 device per couple to answer trivia questions?

All scores on your team are averaged to get your overall score so you can have anywhere from 1 to 8 devices logged into your team. So if you have 8 individuals from across the world they can each log in, or you can have 4 couples use their phones or if you are in the same location you can answer using just 1 device.

How do you keep people from cheating?

We play on the honor system, but to help, the system only gives you 30 to 60 seconds to answer the question so unless you are super quick, it is not really enough time to look up answers.  The system also gives more points the faster you respond to encourage you to not rely on looking up answers. 

Can I bid on the Silent Auction?

Yes, anyone can participate in the Silent Auction, 50/50 Raffle and Ozark Trip Raffle.  Click on the "Silent Auction is Open" link on the registration page. Once on the Silent Auction page, click on register in the top right corner, enter your contact information and start bidding. You can set a Max Bid and let the system bid for you. You will receive a text message when you have been outbid.  Check out the Auction Rules & Info tab for more information. 

What if I need help?

Contact 618.540.9304 with any questions the night of the event. You can also reach out to Betsy@partiesandprops.com if you have questions prior to the event.

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