Location & Date

Pond House Cafe
1555 Asylum Ave
West Hartford CT 06117
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Contact & Other Information

Kelly Nolen
Office Manager
Elizabeth Park Conservancy
860-231-9443, ext. 104
e-Mail Event Organizer

Price: $45.00/lecture-luncheon

  2020 Garden Lecture Series  
Hosted By: Elizabeth Park Conservancy

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     # of Tickets for February 26 - Marc Hachadourian @ $45.00
     # of Tickets for March 11 - Todd Forrest @ $45.00
     # of Tickets for April 15 - Thomas Christopher @ $45.00

Marc Hachadourian

Orchid Modern: Living and Designing with the World's Most Elegant Houseplants

   # of Books: Orchid Modern by Marc Hachadourian - $25.00 $0.00
Thomas Christopher

Nature Into Art: The Gardens of Wave Hill

   # of Books: Nature Into Art by Thomas Christopher - $35.00 $0.00

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