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" helps us raise more by reaching new donors, be more efficient with the small staff we have, and most importantly keep more of the funds we raise."
 Harriet Levy, Executive Director, Center for Enriched Living

Online Events Calendar: is the premier ePhilanthropy portal that helps you connect with the New Generation of philanthropists.   On, you can promote your organization’s fundraising campaigns and events while keeping in touch with your donors and reaching out to new donors interested in your cause.

v       Expand your donor base by promoting your fundraising events to a wider audience interested in your cause

v       Stay in contact with guests from all your fundraising events

v       Send out e-invites, newsletters, and email updates to reach new donors

v       Set up Online Event Registration and Online Volunteers Registration


Online Event Registration: industry leading event registration provides you and your guests with the greatest convenience to participate in your events without the hassles of paper work, mail and missed registrations. registrations can accommodate any type of event including: Gala's, Auctions, Golf Outings, Walkathons, Marathons, Conferences, and anything in between.  You can capture any type of information you need to run a successful event.

v       Diversify your donor base and expand your appeal

v       Accommodate donors with more giving options, including raffles, tickets, sponsorships, and other items

v       Take advantage of a fully integrated and customizable solution

Online Donations:
The Internet is the fastest growing segment of fundraising, more donors are requesting the convenience of giving online. enables you to provide your donors with an easy way to give without the associated costs and hassle of maintaining Internet technology.

v       Bring in more donations

v       Offer donors the option of recurring, automated donations

v       Send the donors immediate Thank You’s with customizable letters

v       Accommodate donors with more giving options

v       Take advantage of a fully integrated and customizable solution

Online Sponsorships:
Many organizations find that their a-thon events are most beneficial to the organization: donors become solicitors, and your donor list multiplies while simultaneously spreading awareness about your cause. SNAP takes this a step further and extends services to your organization's participants by creating personalized sponsorship pages to help them solicit their pledges. 

v       Help your participants and volunteers  to maximize their pledges

v       Send to a Friend to get more  donors involved in your cause

v       Easily track and manage all incoming pledges, online and offline

v       Use's Automated Gift Match technology to obtain matched gifts from pledge donors

Online Auctions:
The current craze for online auctions is amazing: More than $1.5 billion dollars was spent on online auctions in 2002 alone. offers your organization an affordable way to take advantage of the online auction and enabling you to customize your online auction to your organizations' needs. You can choose between a public or private auction (limited to your constituency), specify the amount of days you wish your auction to last, determine whether you'd like to close your auction online or allow it to carry over to your event night, and so on.

Additionally, with you will be able to add another fundraising revenue by offering online auctions throughout the year.

v       Offer all your constituency the opportunity to participate in your auction event, even if they can not attend your event.

v       Effortlessly turn your item donations into cash donations

v       Reap the benefits of an auction without the expense of hosting a special event

v       Provide donors with a convenient and fun way to donate to your organization

Complete Event Management:
With any size fundraising event, you need to easily enter and track information about your guests, sponsors, donations, volunteers, and expenses. With SNAP Solutions' Event Management software, you keep all this information in one central location, easily accessible to you, your staff, and your volunteers.  SNAP Events software also allows you to track more specific details, such as guest meal choices, participation levels, and seating arrangements, making guest requests easy to track and easy to honor.

SNAP Solutions provides an event preparation task list, helping you to budget your time and delegate responsibilities to staff and volunteers.  Everyone involved in your fundraising event will benefit from SNAP...

v       Manage all types of events, including Galas, Auctions, Golf Outings, Walkathons, Marathons, Conferences, Classes, etc.

v       Easily share and manage all your contact information, guest reservations, and auction items  in one central location

v       Instantly know key stats on your event including total guests and total revenue

v       Great  for external events, allowing your constituents to run their own fundraising events with the tools to make them successful

Live & Silent Auction Management: industry leading auction management tools provides you with an easier way to run an auction fundraising event.  You will track your items, build packages, create an Auction Catalog, Bid Sheets, Certificates, and Thank You letters with the click of a button.  
In addition, with the unique Express Checkout feature, your guest will forget about the long lines at the end of the night to pay for their items, they will thank you for it.   

v       Faster processing for your guests and staff

v       Guests can happily go home after the event without waiting in any cashier lines

v       Allow your auction committee to get involved and participate in running the auction.

Credit Card Payment Processing:
Nonprofit organizations often struggle with credit card processing: Donors want to pay with their credit cards, but the expense to your organization cannot be justified. solves this problem by allowing your organization to use as your credit card merchant.  You will reap the benefits of accepting credit cards without the associated hassle and expense.

v       Take advantage of a low credit card transaction rate, exclusive to nonprofits, with no monthly fees

v       Get a consolidated statement of all your online and credit card donations

v       Provide your donors with the convenience of donating with credit cards

v       Can be used for tuition payments, memberships and all types of payment needs

Technology Consulting:
For organization that demand custom solutions, team can assist in developing and implementing robust integrated solutions to meet your specific needs.  Our development and project management teams can assist you in achieving your specific business solution.  Contact us at for more information.