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support this year's SpartyBall 2012 scholarship drive


For the last six years, The Michigan State Alumni Club of Metro Chicago has provided scholarships to deserving high school students with lofty goals and a desire to attend Michigan State. In doing so, we have strengthened MSU and our local community while giving students the opportunity to receive a gift that means so much more than money - a gift that opens the door to a world-class education at Michigan State. 


To solve the problems of an increasingly complicated world, the world needs more Spartans - and events like SpartyBall are our small way of making sure the best and brightest among us are and will always be Green. With your help we have raised over $70,000 for our scholarship endowment, but that is not enough to meet our long-term goal of providing a full-ride scholarship to at least one student each and every year. We believe that if we all stand together, we can make a big dent in our "work left to do" by growing our scholarship significantly in 2012. 

Will you place us closer to our goal by making a recommended contribution of $50 today? 

Every bit helps, so please give generously. Last year, we were able to raise $10,000 for our scholarship fund. With your help, we could raise even more in 2012!


Thank you for your generosity and support, see you at SpartyBall - and Go Green! 

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