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Standard Online Registration

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** The calculator uses default values based on research conducted and customer feedback.

Manualy process transactions using a terminal Other Online Registration Services
Registration Handling
Cost of handling email and processing each transaction, includes sending confirmation and receipt. $    
Cost of Lost email transactions Unrecoverable Customer Relationship    
Registration Processing
Number of Guests       
Avg. Ticket Price $    
Standard Credit Card (30%)   %   % 3%
Corporate and Affinity Cards (30%)   %   % 3.5%
Amex (40%)   %   % 3.8%
Per Transaction Fees $ $ $0.00
Monthly Fees (Terminal, Gateway, Statements, Monthly Min. and other HIDDEN FEES) $ $ $0
Total Collected
Total Costs
% of Total
Savings by using
Other Key Benefits
Registration Form is Customizable NO $$$ included
Help you promote your event NO NO included
Meets your Auditor Controls Requirement NO NO YES
Security - Meets Credit Card Security Requirements NO NA YES