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Jordyn Kicks For Cures
I'm raising money for this event: Kick for Cures 2010
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Please help by supporting the Kick For Cures
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Illinois Shotokan Booster Club a 501(C)3 Not-for-profit sponsors the Kick For Cures. Kick For Cures is a fund raising event to support the work of charities that provide support and cure research for various types of Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, and Alzheimers Disease; ISKC's stricken families in need and the Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund. Last year we raised $90,000 and with your help we can do better this year.
Donor Date Donation Comment
David Smith 10/6/2010 $50.00 Kick some butt, Jordyn! 
Leslie Krzeczowski 10/13/2010 $36.00 double chai for doing such a great mitzvah, Jordyn! 
Anonymous 10/16/2010 $20.00  
Marina Smith 10/21/2010 $20.00  
Lisa Kaplan 10/25/2010 $18.00 Great Job Jordy!!!!  
Kris and Nate Smith 10/25/2010 $20.00 Great job Jordyn!!!! 
Leslie Goldstone 10/25/2010 $10.00 Great job!! 
Linda Glick 11/10/2010   Great Job!! 

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