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Team Inamine Kicks For Cures (Gabrielle, Jaden & Crayne)
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On October 24, my sister Jaden and I will participate in the 2010 Kick For Cures. We will kick and punch 1,000 times in 60 minutes to help raise money to support many outstanding charities that are working tirelessly to find cures for autism, cancer and other devastating illnesses. Karate has taught us to be strong and to never give up. When we gather to practice our karate, we draw strength from each other and we are reminded of our good health and blessings. We would like to invite you to help us empower those who desperately need our help as we climb together to the top. Thank you for you heartfelt donations.

Gabrielle Inamine & Family

In Memory of our Grandpa
Robert P. Failla (2010)
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Illinois Shotokan Booster Club a 501(C)3 Not-for-profit sponsors the Kick For Cures. Kick For Cures is a fund raising event to support the work of charities that provide support and cure research for various types of Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, and Alzheimers Disease; ISKC's stricken families in need and the Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund. Last year we raised $90,000 and with your help we can do better this year.
Donor Date Donation Comment
N Failla Inamine 10/13/2010    
Crayne Inamine 10/13/2010   Kick Butt! 
Anonymous 10/13/2010   Good luck to My Pride, My Joy, and My Love.  
Michael & Joyce C. Maione 10/14/2010   We are so very proud of you. We can't wait to see you in action. Love Grandma Joyce & Michael 
Morgan Bell 10/15/2010    
Mara Wasar 10/16/2010 $25.00 Happy kicking 
Traci & Paul Failla 10/17/2010   Best of luck!! 
Shelly Z 10/20/2010 $10.00 Go Team Inamine! Kick! Punch! 
Nancy Connolly 10/20/2010   What a wonderful project -- an inspiration to all. Love, Aunt Nancy & Paul 
Anonymous 10/20/2010   Grandpa Failla would be so proud. Ti amo sempre. 
Ann Bodach 10/22/2010 $10.00 Go Team Inamine! 
Kenneth Naito 10/24/2010   Hele Hui Inamine! Peku Ku'i Hakala. Aloha `oe a hui hou. - Anakala Naito 

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