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Rita Masini - Help Kick the Butt out of Cancer!!!
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Hi Everyone: This year's actual Kick-A-Thon was so great! There were Karate-ka there of all levels and ages. There was so much energy there that after our 1000 kicks and punches were completed, everyone kept on going. Mr Brien, one of everyone's favorite Senseis, was a superb leader and helped keep the energy level way up! I've done this in years past; but this year my cause was personal. In January, Andrew,the son of one of my closest friends, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called medulloblastoma. It's been a grueling course; but, he has just finished his prescribed treatment for chemotherapy and radiation. Amazingly, he and his family are still some of the most optimistic individuals that I know. They are fighters, not quitters. I'm proud to have been kicking for cures with the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club. Although the kicking is over, we're still collecting donations through the end of the year. I've reached my goal!!! You all are AMAZING! Our club supports so many great causes!! THANK YOU!!!!
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About my cause:
Illinois Shotokan Booster Club a 501(C)3 Not-for-profit sponsors the Kick For Cures. Kick For Cures is a fund raising event to support the work of charities that provide support and cure research for various types of Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, ALS, and Alzheimers Disease; ISKC's stricken families in need and the Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund. Last year we raised $90,000 and with your help we can do better this year.
Donor Date Donation Comment
Gary Jensen 10/15/2010 $25.00 Rita,Great Effort to do this ! Gary J. 
Kathy Netzel 10/16/2010   Thank you for working for others!  
Lynne Fisher 10/16/2010 $20.00 Glad you are doing this. Do some kicks for me! Maybe next year we can do it together. 
Ellen Caya 10/16/2010   Kick away Rita!! 
josee ungaretta 10/17/2010    
Steve Edwards 10/17/2010 $50.00 You Rock Rita!!! I wish I was Kicking with you!!! 
Joan Papadopoulos 10/21/2010 $20.00 Wow. You go girl! 
Cynthia DeStefano 10/22/2010   Way to go Rita! 
Lilija Martinka 10/22/2010    
Anonymous 10/22/2010 $200.00 Life... versus... Life worth living. 
Charlene Stier 10/23/2010 $25.00 So proud of you!! You Go Girl!! 
Greg McWilliams 10/23/2010 $50.00 Kick a few for me, Rita! 
John York 10/23/2010   "Pride of Glenview" 
Rich Imburgia 10/23/2010 $25.00  
Allan and Romana Karlove 10/23/2010 $100.00 We love you, Rita. Mom and Dad 
John Gojney 10/24/2010 $100.00 Rita, I'd like to be kicking with you today; but, due to a scheduling conflict with the DesPlaines Community Concert Band , I'm unable to attend. Good Luck! 
Miriam Balavender 10/24/2010 $10.00 Praying for his recovery.  
Frances Mandera 10/24/2010 $100.00 Your wonderful to do this. May God continue to Bless Andrew and his family. 
Anonymous 10/24/2010 $50.00  
Bridget Vezys 10/26/2010 $20.00  
Jeff White 10/27/2010 $20.00 Good job, Rita. 
Brian Caraba 10/27/2010 $40.00 Great Job for a Great cause 
Nick Christopulos 10/28/2010 $10.00 Here's to your sparkling thermometer!!! 
Mary Jane Licastro 10/29/2010    
Marushka Stefanova 10/29/2010 $20.00  

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