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In the United States, over 1.1 million people are living with the HIV virus. In 2006, there were almost 31,000 people in Illinois living with HIV; over 50% of them with a diagnosis of AIDS. Since the beginning of the epidemic, over 590,000 have died from AIDS in the United States alone. These numbers are alarming at best.

In an effort to provide support for those affected by this often-devastating disease, I am taking part in an annual event called, the Ride for AIDS Chicago. The Ride for AIDS Chicago is a two-day, 200-mile charity bicycling event from Illinois to Wisconsin that helps raise money for Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) and other AIDS service organizations in Chicago.

TPAN's mission is to empower and support those living with HIV and AIDS through peer-led programming, support services, and information dissemination. I joined TPAN in October of 2008 through the Loyola University Chicago work-study program. I currently function in two roles within the organization. First, as the Client Database Manager, I work closely with the Evaluations and Outcomes Department to collect and analyze service utilization statistics helping to ensure program efficacy and improvement; and second, as the Human Resources Coordinator, I collaborate with TPAN’s senior management team to ensure the overall HR performance of the organization.

This will be my third year with Ride for AIDS Chicago. Never have I been more inspired by the continuing support, dedication, and enthusiasm of the riders, donors, and event sponsors. You too can in making a difference in the lives of men, women, and children who are living with and are affected by HIV and AIDS. Show your support today by making a tax-deductible donation to my Ride for AIDS fundraising campaign. Every bit helps and, together, we can make a difference.
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Donor Date Donation Comment
Kevin Bernal 2/6/2011 $25.00 Go Frankie! Ride like the wind! Kev and Rico... 
Rutger Thiellier 2/7/2011 $25.00 Go get em!! 
Paul Wiemerslage 2/15/2011 $50.00 Go Frank!  
Jennifer Grimes 2/15/2011 $50.00 Thanks for being you-- you continue to amaze me! <3 
Michael Crosby 2/15/2011 $50.00 Let 'em roll! 
Frank Davis 2/15/2011 $30.00 Facebook Status Contribution - Thanks Guys! 
Troy Karnoff 2/17/2011 $25.00 thanks for riding! 
Deb Walker 2/22/2011 $30.00  
Bradley Mazzie 3/15/2011 $25.00 Ride On! 
joe schreiner 3/16/2011 $25.00 You Rock! 
Frank Davis 3/16/2011 $10.00 Facebook Promotion - Thanks Brad 
Ryan Splitt 3/24/2011 $25.00  
Kathryn Shaffer 4/14/2011 $50.00 Good Luck Frank:) 
Robert Cleve 5/9/2011 $25.00  
Victoria Herbert 5/14/2011   Wish I could ride with you guys!! 
Jason Szekeres 5/31/2011 $50.00  
Frank Guerrero 6/19/2011 $20.00 Ride hard ya sexy beast!  
Jessie Mott 6/20/2011 $25.00  
Ramie Melvin 6/20/2011 $250.00  
Bette Jones 6/21/2011 $20.00 sorry this is so late - Great Job ! Love You !! 
Frank Guerrero 6/23/2011 $20.00  
Andre Crowder 6/24/2011 $28.00  
David Wagner 6/24/2011 $25.00  
David McMillan 6/24/2011 $25.00  
Mike Crosby 6/24/2011 $25.00  
David Chacon 6/24/2011 $20.00  
Troy Kronoff 6/24/2011 $25.00  
Meghan Onyun 6/25/2011 $20.00  
Edward Diffin 7/6/2011 $100.00  
Kenneth Bellis 7/10/2011   Good job, Frank! 
JPMorgan Chase Foundation 8/11/2011 $50.00 Corporate Matching Donation for Jason Szekeres 

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