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As many of you know, in 2008 I became one of millions of victims of the imploding economy when I was laid off from my job.

I took time over the next two years to self reflect and ask myself what I really wanted out of life. The answer I kept coming back to was that, more than anything, I wanted to give something back to the world I live in rather than continue taking.

Over the course of the next year, I began volunteering at several non-profit organizations and although I loved the opportunity to serve, none of these experiences ever quite fit.

In 2009 I began volunteering at TPAN, an organization that provides services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Chicago area. I quickly realized that this was exactly where I wanted to be.

In the fall of 2010, I was hired by TPAN. And I am happy to announce that in May of this year, I was promoted to be the new Manager of Special Events and Communications, and I could not be more thrilled.

This brings me to the reason for your visit to this page, the Ride For AIDS Chicago. The work I do to produce fun and exciting events for TPAN is for more than just the thrill of having a good time. I am proud to be able to say that the money raised by these events goes directly to help the people who need it the most. Unlike other organizations, 100% of your donation to the Ride For AIDS Chicago will go back to the organization and will help us in our mission to provide life saving services to the nearly 25,000 people living with HIV/AIDS who visit TPAN each year.

On July 9th and 10th I will be working to provide logistical support to more than 300 people as they make a 200 mile bike ride to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS and raise funds for TPAN. My goal is to raise $500 dollars by the end of June. I need your help to do it. I am so lucky to have found my passion in life, I hope you will celebrate that passion with me and donate to my Ride.

Every dollar counts and every donation is tax deductible.

Why the picture of the cheeseburger? No reason, I just really love cheeseburgers.

Thanks everyone!

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Amount Raised:

About my cause:
Donor Date Donation Comment
Anonymous 5/23/2011 $20.00  
Christopher Trice 6/13/2011 $25.00  
John Phan 6/13/2011 $25.00 to the best boyfriend ever! 
Deborah Dalfonso 6/14/2011    
Jennifer Carman 6/14/2011 $25.00 You're doing great work Surber, I'm honored to help. 
Dana Mooney 6/15/2011   I'm very proud to know you, Surber! 
Kimberly Roberts 6/15/2011    
Julie Supple 6/15/2011 $50.00 Looking forward to knowing you, and working with you!! 
Robert Surber 6/15/2011 $260.00 I love you little brother!! Always admired you for following your Dreams! 
Heath Boyer 6/16/2011 $20.00 32806 
Mary Kay Borger 6/17/2011 $20.00 Your Aunt and Uncle love you 
Robert Surber 6/17/2011 $100.00 Love you - Mom and Dad 
Cathy Hansen 6/18/2011 $25.00 Thank you for all you do to give back, love you!!! 
Carrie Schlatter 6/18/2011 $20.00  
Nancy Lawrence 6/20/2011 $20.00 Love you! 
Jay Lacey 6/20/2011 $25.00 Good Luck on the ride.  
Gregory Foy II 6/20/2011 $25.00  
Anonymous 6/24/2011 $10.00  
Harris N.A. 6/27/2011 $100.00 Corporate Matching Donation for Billy Surber 
Pat Musker 6/28/2011 $25.00  
Tom Daul 6/28/2011 $25.00  
Kelly Williams 6/28/2011 $25.00 For you, my friend! 
Rick Jones 6/28/2011 $25.00 For a favorite former student 
Karen Bailey 6/28/2011 $20.00  
Michael Davis 6/28/2011 $15.00 Thought I'd help out. You are doing a great thing. 
tracie greene 6/28/2011 $25.00 great job billy 
Jim Ireland 6/29/2011 $20.00  

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