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On July 9th and 10th yours truly will be joining hundreds of individuals on a two day- 200 mile bicycle ride to fight HIV / AIDS for TPAN here in Chicago. Many of you may not know how close this cause is to me. In June 1997, I was diagnosed as HIV+.
I have overcome many challenges and faced many struggles over the past 14 years. In October of 2007 I found out that I had only 13 T cells left in my body! It was then my doctors and the wonderful people at the CORE center in Chicago helped me get signed up and started on my current cocktail which has kept me undetectable and with a count of over 350 T-cells up as of this last month. YEAH!!!!
Along with sharing this personal information with you, I also wanted to share an opportunity for you to help me fight for my cause and to raise money for this terrible virus.
I pray you will find a donation that will not only help me but help those I represent when I ride on those 2 days!
My goal is to reach well over $1000.
Please note that I have used discretion in sharing my information with you. Over the past 14 years, I have lost several jobs, lots of friends, and many business opportunities because of my status. I share this with you not to keep silent but to have you with me, hand in hand, every step , (or mile) along this journey I set out to accomplish.

Yours Truly


Ride for AIDS Chicago
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About my cause:
Donor Date Donation Comment
Desta Davis 2/12/2011 $50.00 We will be cheering for ya! 
Gina Ercoli 2/12/2011 $25.00 So proud of you! 
angela atkinson 2/17/2011 $100.00 Good Luck  
Christopher Pare 2/24/2011 $40.00 Thank you for giving back!! You are awesome! 
Melissa Lewellen 3/12/2011   We're behind you! 
Billy Kaminsky 4/10/2011   Good Luck Sean! YOur training for a great cause! 
Karen and Craig Perkins 4/28/2011 $50.00  
Joyce & Fred Rager 5/10/2011 $50.00 Good luck Sean! 
Meghan McIntyre 5/10/2011 $75.00 I'm cheering for you!!!!! 
Anonymous 5/13/2011 $80.00 Go get 'em, Sean!!! 
Ride for AIDS Chicago 5/18/2011 $25.00 Fundraising Credit 
Carla Ungerecht 5/18/2011 $50.00 Good luck and have fun! 
Teri D'Amico 5/23/2011 $50.00 a ride for our beloved Dennis 
Christopher Lamb 5/24/2011 $50.00 In memory of our dear Dennis! May he be the wind at your back! 
Raelene Mercer 5/24/2011   i do this for you and the countless loved ones also infected! someday there will be CURE! 
Carnell Rose 5/29/2011 $50.00 good luck..... 
C Douglas Ferguson 6/18/2011 $50.00 Ride on, Sean! 
Valerie Blay 6/23/2011 $20.00 We'll be cheering for you brother! Love you! 
Kandi Grochowski 6/23/2011 $50.00  
Scott Toppel 6/24/2011 $10.00  
Beth DeMars 6/24/2011 $10.00 Go Sean Go! 
Clint Sabin 6/24/2011 $25.00  
Dave Wagner 6/24/2011 $25.00  
Anonymous 6/24/2011 $50.00  
Mark Williams 6/24/2011 $50.00  
Gary Sibley 6/27/2011 $100.00  
Rob Cleve 7/6/2011 $25.00 Ride proud my friend, you've accomplished a great deal in the past couple months! 
Beth DeMars 7/6/2011 $25.00 You have no idea how proud we all are of you and how much we love you. Looking forward to watching you and Scott cross the finish line.  
Barbra Josephson 7/6/2011   LOVE YOU!!!! You've come so far... keep it up. Good Luck this weekend, I hope we see each other along the way! lol... don't wait for me tho!  
Anonymous 7/6/2011   I'm proud of you....keep up the good work...you rock!! 

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