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Throughout my academic career and my focus on biological studies there has always been one topic and disease that has weighed heavily on my mind: HIV/AIDS. It can be a devastating and debilitating disease that leaves its victims without hope but it can also, with the right support and treatment, be a one that is manageable and can be lived with. So much has been discovered and learned about this disease since the first outbreak of this epidemic but still so much has to be studied and learned. So little is known about it and even less by the general public.

This is why on July 9th and 10th I will be joining hundreds of other individuals on a two day 200 mile bicycle ride to fight HIV / AIDS in the Chicago area. In an effort to support those living with HIV/AIDS, raise awareness through the efforts to TPAN, and to make steps to end HIV/AIDS I have decided to tackle the daunting task of riding 200 miles. It will be the most difficult challenge I have ever undergone and even still could not compare to what those living with the disease undergo on a daily basis.

My roommate and took part in the Ride last year and has inspired me to do the same this year. I hope those who feel as passionately about this will help sponsor and donate to this cause. Even the smallest contribution makes a difference.
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Donor Date Donation Comment
Frank Davis 2/16/2011 $20.00 A little something to get you started!! 
Anonymous 5/2/2011 $65.00  
Francesca Dufour 5/23/2011   94578 
Heidi McCarthy 5/24/2011 $10.00 Good luck- I'll be thinking of you!! :) 
Anonymous 5/28/2011 $100.00 good luck 

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