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Brad Jubin
I'm raising money for this event: 2011 Climb for Kids
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This year we are climbing several peaks in the Alaskan Mountain Range to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Working from our base camp on the Eldridge Glacier we will attempt a combined summit elevation of 30,000+ feet.

Please join us in an effort to make a difference for kids in need of mentoring; kids in need of a loving and caring adult. It costs $1,200 to match one child with a mentor. My goal is to fund the matching of at least four kids!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

This is a volunteer climb so 100% of ALL money donated goes directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters.
My Goal:
Amount Raised:

About my cause:
Donor Date Donation Comment
David Tennery 6/1/2011    
Richard Cook 6/2/2011 $20.00  
Rick Foley 6/2/2011 $500.00  
John Wise 6/2/2011 $500.00  
Matthew Shepherd 6/2/2011 $50.00 Good luck, Brad! It's great that you do this. 
Mark McGoldrick 6/2/2011 $50.00 Hey buddy so proud of you - please know you are making a difference. 
Shannon Martin 6/2/2011 $50.00 Very admirable! Best of luck, 
Joe and Lorraine Conant 6/2/2011 $50.00 Good Luck Brad! 
Anonymous 6/3/2011   good luck. i will keep you in my prayers! 
Aimee Lauder 6/4/2011 $50.00 Good luck, be careful! 
Anonymous 6/5/2011 $100.00 Good luck, my friend, and be careful 
jay gratwick 6/6/2011   good luck, Brad 
Anonymous 6/6/2011 $50.00 Good luck! 
Mark Gray 6/6/2011 $250.00 Brad, keep up the great work you are doing. Godspeed to you! 
Jon Durden 6/6/2011 $50.00 Great job Brad, our thoughts and paryers go with you 
Tiffany Jones 6/7/2011 $10.00 What a great cause! Good luck to you and have fun! 
Roy Oake 6/13/2011 $50.00 You have my continued support of a great cause. Good Luck! 
Anonymous 6/14/2011 $500.00  
Darren Brown 6/14/2011 $50.00 Good Luck! 
Lisa Ward 6/14/2011 $100.00 Good luck and God Bless! 
Nancy Arinder 6/14/2011 $50.00 What an adventurer and a great cause - good luck Brad!  
Shelley Browne Austensen 6/14/2011 $50.00 Best of Luck Brad from The Austensens 
Marty Kearney 6/14/2011 $25.00  
Brian Cox 6/15/2011 $50.00 Best Wishes! 
Beth Hebert 6/16/2011 $25.00 Take care Brad! 
Audrey & Wayne Borde 6/16/2011 $5.00  
Audrey & Wayne Borde 6/16/2011 $100.00 Good luck and God bless!!!!! 
Mark West 6/16/2011 $25.00 Good luck Brad! 
Joseph Kremer 6/16/2011    
Robert Manning 6/20/2011    
Anonymous 6/20/2011 $100.00 Good luck!! Take that mountain down!!  
John Weber 6/22/2011 $25.00 Keep it up my friend and be safe.  
Millard Choate 6/22/2011   Brad, Thank You for Your creative fund-raising!  
Mark Elliott 6/27/2011 $100.00  
Anonymous 6/28/2011 $50.00 Good Luck Brad!  
Lans Rothfusz 6/28/2011 $25.00 God's with you! 
Anonymous 6/28/2011 $100.00 Have fun & good luck! 
Brandie Borde 6/29/2011 $100.00 We'll be praying for you and the other climbers! Love, Brad, Brandie, Kyle & Emma 
Steve Carter 6/29/2011 $50.00 Best of Luck 
Fletch Homer 6/30/2011 $100.00 Have fun and be safe 
Anonymous 6/30/2011 $25.00 Climb that Mountain! 
Jonathan Groome 7/7/2011 $50.00 Glad I know you Brad! Plant a Den #1 flag on the summit! 
Jay Tullis 7/14/2011 $50.00 So great, Brad, glad you're back safe 
Anonymous 7/14/2011   Congrats Brad! Beautiful video, thanks for sharing. 
Bill Grabill 7/14/2011 $50.00 Thanks Brad for caring for the kids so much! 
Karen Muller 7/14/2011 $100.00 We are very proud of you!!! 
Donna Lasseter 7/15/2011   I used to be a Big Sister in L.A.; great organization 
Jen Borde & Keith Langevin 7/16/2011 $300.00 Sorry so late! Hope you had fun! 
David Barr 7/17/2011 $50.00  
steve bullard 7/17/2011 $250.00  
Debbie Lowe 7/18/2011 $50.00 Great Climb - Somehow all that snow looked pretty good to me! 
Paul and Karen Morgan 7/18/2011 $100.00 Congratulations on the climb!!! We are so happy you returned safely!!!! 
Gregory Goergen 9/6/2011 $20.00  

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