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I'm raising money for this event: Danny Did Chicago Marathon Team 2016
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As a family, we have dealt with the anxiety caused by having a child with a seizure disorder. Our sweet Clare suffered her first seizure shortly after turning 4 years old. It was a frightening and terrifying time for our family. Through excellent medical care, countless prayers and what we truly believe to be a miracle, she is a seizure free 13 year old. It is important to us to raise awareness about epilepsy, and the struggles and triumphs that children with seizures experience. We also know there are many children that are taken too soon from Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). To honor the memory of those children and to increase Epilepsy awareness, I will be running the 2016 Chicago Marathon. 26.2 miles is nothing compared to what people living with epilepsy deal with daily. I am asking for your support in my mission to raise awareness. I have pledged to raise at least $1000 for the Danny Did foundation. This organization is based in Chicago and raises awareness about epilepsy. Please help me honor CLARE and all the other children that have to live with seizures. THANK YOU!
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About my cause:
Founded by Chicagoans Mike and Mariann Stanton in January 2010 after the sudden death of their four-year-old son Danny, the Danny Did Foundation’s primary mission is to prevent deaths caused by seizures. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing public awareness of epilepsy and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), enhancing the SUDEP communication model between medical professionals and families impacted by seizures, and gaining mainstream acceptance and use of seizure detection and prediction devices that may assist in preventing seizure-related deaths. Epilepsy affects nearly 3 million people in the United States and 65 million people worldwide. One in 26 Americans will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. The name of the Danny Did Foundation originates from the last line of Danny Stanton’s obituary, written by his dad: “Please go and enjoy your life. Danny did.”

Our 2015 Team raised over $60k last year and those funds were used to help place seizure detection devices in homes across the country. These devices alarm a caregiver during a seizure which can reduce the safety risks often associated with seizures. Parents appreciate this peace of mind and are thankful for the chance to address a seizure and keep their loved ones safe. We plan to beat that team fundraising number in 2016, and we hope you will be part of reaching this goal. Thank you for your support! To learn more, please visit www.dannydid.org.
Donor Date Donation Comment
Joe Christian 2/2/2016 $25.00 Way better at Running than me! Go Kelly Go! 
Amy Perring 2/2/2016 $20.00 Good luck Kelly! 
Brenda Christian 2/2/2016 $20.00 Go Kelly Go!! We are so PROUD of you!! 
Carrie Matthews 2/3/2016 $25.00 Go get 'em Kelly! 
Heather Wier Vaught 3/28/2016    
Nancy Almasi 3/28/2016    
Tammy Dees 4/24/2016   You are crazy!!!!! This is why we love you!!! 
Lin Polk 6/9/2016    
Jessica White 7/23/2016   Sorry I am behind the 8 ball on this 
Elizabeth Ramos 7/25/2016   Let's find a cure! 
Chet Mitchell 8/9/2016 $25.00 Let's do this. 
Brenda Christian 8/9/2016 $100.00 Brenda Christian 
Melissa Rhoaded 8/9/2016 $100.00  
Celena Bourne 8/21/2016    
Stephanie ralph 9/2/2016 $13.00 The Ralphs wish you all the best! 
Lisa Marie Patterson 9/2/2016 $13.00 Happy 13th Birthday Clare! We love you!  
Nick Anderson 9/2/2016 $13.00 Happy Birthday Clare!  
LeeAnn Glatz 9/2/2016 $13.00 Happy Birthday, Clare! Run safe and long, Kelly! 
Jenn Targos 9/2/2016 $20.00 Kelly - you are awesome. We extent our prayers as well! 
Julie Stedwill 9/4/2016 $20.00  
Jody DiOrio 9/4/2016 $13.00  
Lindsey Zopel 9/4/2016 $13.00  
Kevin D'Sa 9/4/2016 $13.00 Good Luck from the D'Sa Family! 
John Schmidt 9/4/2016 $25.00  
Kimberly Fady 9/4/2016 $13.00 God Bless you, Clare, and your beautiful family! 
Carrie Bowden 9/5/2016    
Melissa Stigall 9/6/2016 $50.00 Good luck Kelly! 
Laura Kosko 9/6/2016 $13.00 Sorry, I'm a little late to the party :-) 
Cory Christian 9/7/2016 $13.00 So proud of you Kelly! You go girl!  
Kate Ulmer 9/9/2016    
Karen Flaherty 9/9/2016 $26.00  
Lisa Nethery 9/9/2016    
Carrie Johnson 9/9/2016    
Clare Hamilton 9/9/2016    
Heather Shane 9/11/2016 $13.00 Happy belated Birthday, Clare! 
Mary Stickelmaier 9/23/2016    
Nan Boyd-Clay 9/23/2016 $20.00  
Kara Doglio 9/23/2016 $50.00 Kara Doglio 
Sean Christian 9/26/2016 $25.00 Run Kelly Run 
Lynee Miller 9/26/2016   Good Luck! All the best! 
Jennifer Brose 9/30/2016   Happy belated birthday Clare! 
Jennifer Christian 10/2/2016 $15.00 Go Kelly Go! If Bailey can still stand after, let's have a beer!!  
Erik Christian 10/3/2016 $13.00 Erik Christian 
Anonymous 10/6/2016   Have a great run! 
Beth Williamson 10/7/2016    
Jill Lindsey 10/16/2016    

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