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Caley Doran
I'm raising money for this event: Danny Did Chicago Marathon Team 2016
 My Message
Over the past 15 years I have participated in many races and events that promote awareness and action for a greater cause. Having the motivation and support of someone or racing for a cure, is a force that is stronger than any coach.

In September 2015, my son, Raymond had his first seizure, and after months of testing, doctor visits and admittance's, was diagnosed with Epilepsy. He is on medication that is helping treat and limit these seizures. We are confident that he is in good hands with a great team of doctors at the University of Chicago, Comers Children's Hospital.

Since September, there has not been a moment where worry for Raymond has escaped my mind. Every night I rock him to sleep and pray that he won’t wake up crying from a seizure episode. Every doctor appointment, I pray that the activity has stopped and he can come off his meds, every time he is climbing on top of the jungle gym at the park, I struggle to hold myself back and pray that he won’t seize and fall off, injuring himself further. I want to give him space to grow; to learn how to accomplish things on his own, but my fear of him seizing, and not being right there to catch him, terrifies me and takes over.

I know there are unfortunately millions of families touched by Epilepsy. The constant worry and unknown with this disease is a real fear that so many live with. I have decided to run the 2016 Chicago Marathon for all of these families and individuals who share this fear. I have teamed up with The Danny Did Foundation and hope to help in advancing awareness of epilepsy and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, (SUDEP).

The Danny Did Foundation has been a resource for our family and so many others in our situation. They created a foundation in memory of their 4 year old son, Danny who passed away due to SUED. Their goal is to help advance public awareness of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), enhancing the SUDEP communication model between medical professionals and families afflicted by seizures, and the mainstreaming of seizure detection and prediction devices that can assist in preventing seizure-related deaths. These devices are complimentary to medicinal, surgical and dietary measures that are used to treat seizures.

If you have the means to help this cause, please join me in my effort. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you with all my heart!

Love, Caley (Byrne) Doran
My Goal:
Amount Raised:

About my cause:
Founded by Chicagoans Mike and Mariann Stanton in January 2010 after the sudden death of their four-year-old son Danny, the Danny Did Foundation’s primary mission is to prevent deaths caused by seizures. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing public awareness of epilepsy and Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), enhancing the SUDEP communication model between medical professionals and families impacted by seizures, and gaining mainstream acceptance and use of seizure detection and prediction devices that may assist in preventing seizure-related deaths. Epilepsy affects nearly 3 million people in the United States and 65 million people worldwide. One in 26 Americans will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. The name of the Danny Did Foundation originates from the last line of Danny Stanton’s obituary, written by his dad: “Please go and enjoy your life. Danny did.”

Our 2015 Team raised over $60k last year and those funds were used to help place seizure detection devices in homes across the country. These devices alarm a caregiver during a seizure which can reduce the safety risks often associated with seizures. Parents appreciate this peace of mind and are thankful for the chance to address a seizure and keep their loved ones safe. We plan to beat that team fundraising number in 2016, and we hope you will be part of reaching this goal. Thank you for your support! To learn more, please visit www.dannydid.org.
Donor Date Donation Comment
James Oconnell 4/12/2016 $20.00  
Katie Shephard 4/12/2016 $20.00 You are a great mom Caley- Good luck with the marathon!!  
Conor Ryan 4/12/2016 $50.00 Good luck Caley! 
Kristine Sizemore 4/12/2016 $50.00 Good luck! Love, Brian Kris Paige & Patrick Sizemore  
Jane DIckman 4/12/2016 $20.00 Best of luck Caley! 
Grace Flaherty 4/12/2016 $20.00  
Anonymous 4/12/2016   Good Luck. God Bless.  
Jennifer Sizemore 4/12/2016 $100.00 Good luck! Love, Jen and Danaysia  
Ann DeLucenay 4/12/2016 $25.00 Good luck Caley! Such a great cause. Thinking of you guys!  
Anonymous 4/12/2016 $50.00 Dave Inzinga 
Mary Eigel 4/12/2016 $100.00 Love, Eigel Family 
MaryBeth&Brian Flaherty 4/12/2016 $75.00 Way To Go Caley! 
Frannie Levar 4/12/2016 $50.00 Love you and that little man of yours! 
Kevin Montgomery 4/12/2016 $50.00 Run Caley Run! The Montgomery Family 
Bridget Woods 4/12/2016 $50.00 Such a great cause! Way to go, Caley-So proud of you! 
Susan Shrader 4/12/2016 $50.00 You got this!!  
Mark Krull 4/12/2016 $200.00 Love, the Krull family  
janet strimel 4/12/2016 $25.00  
Samantha Sizemore 4/12/2016 $30.00 Love you guys! 
Pat and Mike Collado 4/12/2016 $25.00  
Annette&Pat McKian 4/12/2016 $50.00 Way to go, Caley 
Valorrie Moulton 4/12/2016 $50.00 Good luck! 
Terrie Wintets 4/12/2016 $75.00 All for Raymond. John and Terrie 
Jamie Gassman 4/12/2016 $20.00 Have a great run - such a great thing to do to help the cause! Thinking of you and your family! 
Judy and Tom Nykiel 4/12/2016 $25.00 Best of luck on the race!  
Rich Schmuhl 4/12/2016 $100.00 Good Luck !! 
Dave & Heather Sizemore 4/12/2016 $30.00 Lots of love!! XOXO 
Mary Jo Gallaher 4/12/2016 $50.00 Best of Luck Caley! He is precious!! 
Brendan Crowe 4/12/2016 $25.00  
John Sullivan 4/12/2016 $25.00 Run run run run run run run run run run run run 
Meghan Mulryan 4/12/2016 $50.00 Good Luck Caley!! 
Marcy Galvin 4/12/2016   I hate this disease!!  
Kathy Jump 4/12/2016 $25.00  
Jean Cuthbert 4/13/2016 $100.00  
Laurie Owens 4/13/2016 $10.00 Good luck Caley !  
Allie Knox 4/13/2016 $50.00 You are amazing. Go Caley! Love you guys, Allie & Colin 
Elizabeth Mayer 4/13/2016 $20.00 Good luck with the race! Thinking of your family. Love, Jacob, Liz, Charlie, and Julia.  
Patti & Tim Burke 4/13/2016 $100.00  
Neill Malone 4/13/2016 $100.00  
Mary K and Jerry Nowicki 4/13/2016 $50.00 Raymond lucky to have such a wonderful mother.  
Astrid Brugger 4/13/2016 $100.00  
Kathleen Galvin Schaefers 4/14/2016 $50.00 Great you are doing this Caley.  
Michael Husar 4/14/2016 $20.00  
joe doody 4/15/2016 $50.00  
Mark and Allyson Sizemore 4/16/2016 $100.00 Much love to you and the fam Caley. Wishing you guys the best! 
Beverly Sunquist 4/16/2016 $100.00 You have all our love and support! Love, Beverly,Steven, Sienna and Aubrey Sunquist 
James Byrne 4/17/2016 $250.00 Good Luck Caley, Love Mom and Dad. "If you run it they will come". "Go the distance" 
Cathleen Noonan 4/17/2016 $30.00 The Noonans wish you all the best!!! 
Anonymous 4/18/2016 $50.00 Yay, Caley!!!!! Lots and lots of love and an extra big hug to Raymond! 
Leland Sizemore 4/18/2016 $100.00  
William Doran 4/20/2016 $26.20 You Rock! 
Margie Graz & Mari Elzinga 4/20/2016 $50.00 Happy to help such a great cause, Margie & Mari 
Mary Lou Norwell 4/24/2016 $50.00 Mary Lou Norwell 
Patrick Doran 4/29/2016 $50.00 You are the best. See you in a few days, love PD & Court 
Anonymous 4/30/2016 $100.00  
Natalie Holland 5/3/2016 $25.00 Good luck Caley! 
Rick & Jill Kellam 5/3/2016 $50.00 Way to go Caley! I'm sure you'll crush the Marathon!! 
Anonymous 5/3/2016 $50.00 Best of Luck! I have Epilepsy too and am in constant worry. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be with a child. Sending thoughts and prayers to your family. Thank you for raising awareness 
Jason & Carly Petersen 5/3/2016 $100.00  
Karen Brogan 5/6/2016 $25.00 Good Luck!!!!!  
Sarah (Kell) Whalen 5/8/2016 $20.00  
Brittany Byrne 6/1/2016    
Tiffany Bilski 6/7/2016 $50.00 You're such an inspiration! Love, Tif and Dave 
Amanda Weinberg 6/13/2016 $25.00 Good luck, Caley! 
Annie McGrath 6/25/2016 $20.00 ???? 
Erin Brown 6/27/2016    
Mary Arrigo 7/27/2016 $100.00 Good luck Caley! Love you guys! Mary & Vince 
Margaret Sly 8/3/2016 $25.00  
The Howes 9/13/2016 $100.00 Good luck Caley! 
Kathleen Sullivan 9/13/2016 $40.00 Love you Cay!!  
Ray Doran 9/13/2016 $100.00 Good Luck Caley 
Matt and Kate Dine 9/13/2016 $50.00 Good Luck Caley!! 
Barret Zolnierowicz 9/13/2016 $100.00 Go Caley! Can't wait to cheer you on! 
Mary Kate & Brent VanHootegem 9/13/2016 $25.00  
Brooke Corkery 9/13/2016 $250.00 Have a great run! Much love from Pat, Brooke, Paul, Kirsten 
Melinda Lunz 9/13/2016 $25.00  
Bridgid Regnier 9/13/2016 $25.00 We love you Caley! Strong and beautiful inside and out!!! 
Sue Kell 9/14/2016 $25.00 Good luck, Caley!! 
Angela Burke 9/14/2016 $50.00 Go Caley Go! Love, the Burke Family 
Rhonda Knight 9/14/2016 $25.00 Way to go Caley! You are a rockstar! We love you Raymond! Love Olivia and Nolan Knight 
meg and tom finn 9/14/2016 $100.00 Good luck Caley!! What a great cause 
Janice Houlihan 9/15/2016   Caley, we love you. Good luck! 
MICHAEL CORKERY 9/19/2016   Good Luck Caley - have a great run 
Caroline ODonnell 9/21/2016 $50.00 Go Caley!! You are amazing! 
Maureen Fleming 9/28/2016 $50.00  
Margaret Byrne-Bertling 10/3/2016 $25.00  
Ann Byrne Shea 10/3/2016 $100.01 And Byrne Shea and Family.Sending love and best wishes to Caley and her family 
Raymond Doran 10/4/2016 $52.50 Way to go Caley - we love you! Grandpa Ray Doran 
Mary Eileen Raymond 10/6/2016 $50.00 Good Luck Marathon Mama 
Trish Anest 10/6/2016 $20.00 Good luck Caley! You are amazing!! 
James F. Sullivan 10/6/2016   CALEY YOU & RAY ARE AMAZING!! So much love to you good luck lots of love and prayers for RAYMOND 
Megan Pierucci 10/6/2016 $20.00 You go girl! 
Nancy Barrett 10/6/2016 $50.00 Have a great race Caley!  
Rita Koziarski 10/6/2016 $25.00  
Nora Winters 10/6/2016 $100.00 Good luck, Caley! We'll be watching for you by Chinatown! ??Tank and Nora  
Molly Mcalinden 10/6/2016 $50.00 Proud of you Caley! 
Margaret Maloney 10/7/2016   Good luck! 
Emily Kirkel 10/7/2016 $20.00 Good luck, Caley!  
Lynne Murray 10/8/2016 $50.00  
Donna Doran 10/8/2016 $100.00  
Jessica Knight 10/9/2016 $20.00 Have a great race Caley! You're awesome ??  
Kyle Garmes 10/18/2016 $50.00 Kyle Garmes 
Daniel Byrne 10/18/2016 $250.00 I love you Raymond James the 5th! 

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