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Lyndsey and Alli Mack
I'm raising money for this event: Kick for Cures 2019
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Lyndsey and Alli will be kicking hard for a cure. Karate has had a positive influence on both of our lives and giving back is the least we can do. Thank you to all the donations!
-Lyndsey and Alli Mack
My Goal:
Amount Raised:

About my cause:
The Illinois Shotokan Booster Club is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Corporation dedicated to supporting the Illinois Shotokan Karate Clubs students and to provide opportunities for its members to Give Back. The Kick For Cures event is our largest fundraiser and provides a way for our members to support individuals in the club as well as through national organization who are battling serious illness. A portion of the proceeds support Jennifer Malloy Academic Scholarship Program in memory of a young student who lost her battle with brain cancer but inspired the creation of the scholarship and charity support programs we have today.
Donor Date Donation Comment
John DiPasquale 2/18/2019 $40.00 GO RIVER TRIALS 
Alli Mack 2/23/2019 $40.00  
Susan Mack 2/27/2019 $250.00  
Anonymous 2/27/2019 $250.00 You are great role models girls!! 
Edward Steinweg 2/27/2019 $10.00 See you there! 
Jennifer Durand 2/27/2019 $25.00 Go Alli and Lyndsey! From Dylan and Gavin  
Jess daSilva 2/28/2019 $15.00 You've got this girl! 
Victoria Powers 2/28/2019 $50.00 Go get ‘em karate chops!! 
Danielle Zatt 3/2/2019 $10.00  
Stephanie Munoz 3/2/2019 $10.00  
Carly Tschanz 3/2/2019 $10.00 So proud of you and how many people you inspire! 
Chris Batrich 3/2/2019 $50.00  
Katrina Sholeen 3/3/2019    
Aaron Christianson 3/3/2019 $20.00 I would like to request an airborne 360 roundhouse. Also, can I request on who? 
Anna Veselovsky 3/3/2019 $25.00  
Sara Bilimoria 3/3/2019 $50.00 You go girls!! -Ben and Sara 
Anonymous 3/3/2019 $100.00 GO A & L 
John Fragale 3/3/2019 $50.00 Have a great time  
Andrea Trombetta 3/3/2019 $15.00 You’re the best, Sensei Alli!! 
Anonymous 3/3/2019 $30.00 Go girls :) 
Susan Mack 3/3/2019 $100.00 WAY TO GO!!!!! 
Jenny Gitelson 3/3/2019 $20.00 Good Luck Alli! 
Christopher Bergau 3/3/2019 $25.00 “Life will knock us down. But we choose whether or not to get back up”  
Erin O’Donnell 3/3/2019 $10.00  
Anonymous 3/3/2019    
Mark Sich 3/3/2019 $50.00  
Peter Sonneborn 3/6/2019 $200.00  

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