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We are seeking your help in creating a crowd favorite live auction package - the Stellar Clement Cellar. Our goal is to accumulate 150 bottles of fine wine to auction off live at Anchor Ball. Even if you cannot make it to Galleria Liqueurs on January 31st for the wine tasting event, you can still purchase a bottle, or two, (or more!), to donate. Please select the number of bottles you would like to purchase, the price point for each bottle, and if you have a preference as to the type of wine.

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   Donate one or more $80 Bottles of Wine - $80.00 $0.00
   Donate one or more $100 Bottles of Wine - $100.00 $0.00
   Donate one or more $120 Bottles of Wine - $120.00 $0.00
   Donate one or more $150 Bottles of Wine - $150.00 $0.00

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