Kick for Cures 2019
Illinois Shotokan Booster Club
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3/3/2019 -  6/30/2019
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Total Raised: $81,170


Please help support ISBC's

Kick for Cures

Live Event - March 3, 2019
Harper College

Your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers will want to join in and help in this fight against devastating illnesses. Collect sponsorship donations. Together we can accomplish our goal. Together we can make a difference in someone's life!

Virtual Kick-A-Thon ends June 30, 2019
Create online sponsorships pages and invite friends, family and coworkers to donate


To participate in the Virtual Event:

  • Click the Setup Sponsorship Page button at the top of this page
  • Setup a sponsorship page
  • You can personalize your page with your goal, a picture and your own message
  • Send that page to everyone you know, post links on your facebook  page, Put a link on your website or the website of someone who wants to sponsor you.
  • The rest is done online.
  • If someone wants to donate by cash or check - enter their information on a pledge form, make checks payable to Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
  • Send the form and donations to:

 Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
PO Box 887
Palatine, IL 60078-0887

Logos for your website, facebook page
To save right click on the logo and save picture as to download to your computer

Where does the money go?

The money is allocated to 3 funds

  • Charities that provide support and cure research such as:
    • Make A Wish
    • Michael J. Fox Foundation
    • Alzheimer's Foundation
    • Augie's Quest
    • American Brain Tumor Association
    • Autism Speaks
    • Bear Necessities
    • Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
  •  ISKC's Families In Need Fund
  • Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund

        The Kick for Cures Kick-a-thon event will be held March 3, 2019 at Harper College

         William Rainey Harper College
        Building M - Sports and Wellness Building
        1200 Algonquin Rd
        Palatine, IL 60067

        Check-in Begins at 12:00pm

        Group Kick-a-thon  1:00pm - 2:30pm

        The Kick-a-thon is for all belt levels (White - Black) and all ages.

        Illinois Shotokan Booster Club is a not-for-profit corporation as described in section
        501 (C) (3) of the IRS Code for 1984 as amended. Adequate records will be maintained and made available to the IRS upon request.


         Top Standings
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        Top 15% Individuals     View Top 5 Amount Raised
        ISBC/ISKC Booster Club $10,077.00
        Mr. DiPasquale $6,580.00
        Olga Romano $3,000.00
        Debra Marsico $2,145.00
        Dave Straza $2,000.00
        Bill Bastian $2,000.00
        Michael Ross $1,825.00
        Tiffany Taft $1,600.00
        Alli Mack $1,475.00
        PAUL STURM $1,342.00
        Andrea Lofgren $1,255.00
        Jennifer Durand $1,230.00
        Cheryl Patel $1,216.00
        John Vercellino $1,200.00
        Rita Masini $1,175.00
        Vasilis Adrian $1,075.00
        Glenn Schirmer $1,050.00
        Dominic Noia $1,040.00
        Altaf Khan $1,040.00
        Renuka Nathan $1,035.00
        Orion CaceresStaten $1,030.00
        Tracey Rieber $1,000.00
        Sharon Pagan $1,000.00
        William Gatch $1,000.00
        Jonathan Peters $955.00
        Cirrus Lingl $835.00
        David Renner $760.00
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        ISBC/ISKC Booster Club Offline Donations (ISBC/ISKC Booster Club) Sponsor »
        Sensei DiPasquale (Mr. DiPasquale) Sponsor »
        The Romano Family (Olga Romano) Sponsor »
        Debbie's Kickin' It! (Debra Marsico) Sponsor »
        Team Straza (Dave Straza) Sponsor »
        Bill Bastian Sponsor »
        Michael Ross Sponsor »
        Charlotte & Tiffany Taft (Tiffany Taft) Sponsor »
        Lyndsey and Alli Mack (Alli Mack) Sponsor »
        Sensei Sturm (PAUL STURM) Sponsor »
        Lofgrens Kicking for Cures (Andrea Lofgren) Sponsor »
        Dylan & Gavin Durand (Jennifer Durand) Sponsor »
        Sensei Patel's Kick for Cures (Cheryl Patel) Sponsor »
        John Vercellino Sponsor »
        Rita's Kicking for A Cure (Rita Masini) Sponsor »
        Vas & Tony Adrian's Fundraising Page (Vasilis Adrian) Sponsor »
        Glenn Schirmer & Nolan Smith (Grandson) (Glenn Schirmer) Sponsor »
        Sensei Noia & Family (Dominic Noia) Sponsor »
        Aysha and Altaf (Altaf Khan) Sponsor »
        Renuka Nathan Sponsor »
        ORION’s Kicking for Cures (Orion CaceresStaten) Sponsor »
        Liam Rieber (Tracey Rieber) Sponsor »
        Team Pagan (Sharon Pagan) Sponsor »
        Gatch (William Gatch) Sponsor »
        Sensei Peters Sponsor Page (Jonathan Peters) Sponsor »
        Lingl Family (Cirrus Lingl) Sponsor »
        Sensei Renner, DC-Kinesis Healthcare (David Renner) Sponsor »
        Sensei Bajic (Predrag Bajic) Sponsor »
        SENSEi Wail (STEPHEN WAIL) Sponsor »
        Sensei Mertel (Brian Mertel) Sponsor »
        Eric & Alyssa Tornabene's fundraising page (Eric and Alyssa Tornabene) Sponsor »
        Sensei Santos (Andrew Santos) Sponsor »
        Sensei Frisvold (Noah Frisvold) Sponsor »
        Enzo and Alyssa Floresca (Arvin Floresca) Sponsor »
        John Williams fundraising page (John Williams) Sponsor »
        Cira Conley Sponsor »
        Jens Boys (Linus Jens) Sponsor »
        Diane and Nick Martin Sponsor »
        Phil Hampel Kick for Cures (Phil Hampel) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Alexandria Meccia) Sponsor »
        Watts Family Fundraising Page (Tim Watts) Sponsor »
        Fundraising Page (Amelia Morikuni) Sponsor »
        Alexa Jocic (Danilo Jocic) Sponsor »
        A.J. Pudi's Fundraising Page (Anand Pudi) Sponsor »
        Erica’s fundraising Page (Sue Bilderback) Sponsor »
        Amish and Katrina's Fundraising Page (Amish Shah) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Polina Kleandrova) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Juan Oshiro) Sponsor »
        Sensei Brown's Fundraising Page (Ryan Brown) Sponsor »
        Carter Langer's Fundraising Page (Carter Langer) Sponsor »
        Mirasol/Schmitz fundraising (Leni, John, Jason, James) (Leni Mirasol) Sponsor »
        Thomas Hauck (Mike Hauck) Sponsor »
        UIUC ISKC Kick for Cures (Kassidy Mahoney) Sponsor »
        Colleen Crosby Sponsor »
        Kylie Mahoney's fundraising page (Kylie Mahoney) Sponsor »
        Michael Milanowski Sponsor »
        Kick for Cures (Eliza Salvado) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Rebecca Hull) Sponsor »
        Deb Dudek fundraising page (Deborah Dudek ) Sponsor »
        Vanessa Wilmotte's Kick for Cures Fundraising Page (Sarah Wilmotte) Sponsor »
        THE PATACSIL BOYS (Michael & Raphael) Sponsor »
        Sensei Picchiotti (Liz Picchiotti) Sponsor »
        Jane Kicks for Cures (Sharon Sieg) Sponsor »
        LaTona’s Fund Raising Page (John LaTona) Sponsor »
        Aaron's Kick For The Cure Fundraising Page (Aaron Hallerud) Sponsor »
        Lynne M. Fisher's Fundraising Page (Lynne Manna-Fisher) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Michael Guenther) Sponsor »
        Phillips' Family (Dylan Phillips) Sponsor »
        Lena Pekaj Sponsor »
        Team Erazmus (Lorrie Erazmus) Sponsor »
        Olivia Swann (Arlene Swann) Sponsor »
        CODY's Fundraising Page (Cortland Rafferty) Sponsor »
        Taren's Kicks-for-Cures 2019 Fundraiser (David Rhodes) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Cary Rosenthal) Sponsor »
        Rachel and Noah’s Fundraising Page (Ivette Vega) Sponsor »
        Alysa Berenson's Fundraising Page (Alysa Berenson) Sponsor »
        Team Danielczyk Kicks for Cures (Amber Danielczyk) Sponsor »
        The Slocum Squad (John, Estelle, and Ruby) (John Slocum) Sponsor »
        Annabel Ma Sponsor »
        Ellora Jaggi Sponsor »
        The DeLeon Family (Marissa DeLeon) Sponsor »
        Ben's Fundraising Page (Benjamin Armstrong) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Aaditya Khatod) Sponsor »
        Jensen Family Kicks for Cures Page (Eric Jensen) Sponsor »
        Katie's Fundraising Page (Sandra Ingram) Sponsor »
        Zach Moseley Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Ivia Ortega) Sponsor »
        Krater Family Sponsor »
        Tommy Pappalardo ISKC Kicks for Cures Page (Thomas Pappalardo) Sponsor »
        GENERAL DONATIONS (Ashley Bosnick) Sponsor »
        Parma Family Fundraising Page (Samuel Parma) Sponsor »
        Griffin's Kicks For Cures Donations (Griffin Fieser) Sponsor »
        Ann Hsieh Sponsor »
        Reese (Wendy Brunswick) Sponsor »
        Ed Steinweg (Edward Steinweg) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Regina Payne) Sponsor »
        The Turneys kicking for cures (Terilyn Turney) Sponsor »
        Timothy C's Fundraiser (Connie Chang) Sponsor »
        Rick Sora Kick for Cures Fundraising Page (Richard Sora) Sponsor »
        Aman and Neha Thotakura (Radhika Thotakura) Sponsor »
        Bowditch Family Fundraising Page (Tracy Bowditch) Sponsor »
        Hendricks Family (William Hendricks) Sponsor »
        Brau Family Fundraising Page (Gus Brau) Sponsor »
        Luerssen's Kick For Cures (Suzanne Luerssen) Sponsor »
        Tayah Land (Quanta Hamilton) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (lawrence lampasona) Sponsor »
        Hunter Girl's Kick for Cures 2019 (Payton Hunter) Sponsor »
        Marc Contreras (Carrie Contreras) Sponsor »
        Nick's Fundraising Page (Nicholas Blessing) Sponsor »
        Schuyler's Fundraising Page (Nizza Maguigad) Sponsor »
        Riya + Shreya Jain (Shreya Jain) Sponsor »
        Stephen Posner Sponsor »
        Alex Grosvenor (Alexander Grosvenor) Sponsor »
        Jeet & Tushar Mitra (JEET Mitra) Sponsor »
        Dorian Pajor (Dorian Pajor ) Sponsor »
        Steven "Doc" Dritz Sponsor »
        Anna Garrone Fundraising Page (Lorie Garrone) Sponsor »
        Sam, Rohan and Ria Patel (Sam Patel) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Winnie Wax) Sponsor »
        Matthew Witek (Lisa Witek) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Hattie Holt) Sponsor »
        Jason Torres’ Fundraising Page (Jason Torres) Sponsor »
        Magdalena Zucek Sponsor »
        Madison Malone - Kick for Cures (Madison Malone) Sponsor »
        The Carlin Family (Raymond Carlin) Sponsor »
        Chandler, Zach, And Kyrstin Ury Fundraising (scott ury) Sponsor »
        Gabriela Velasco and Family (Mauricio Velasco) Sponsor »
        Lauren Marquardt's Fundraising Page (Lauren Marquardt) Sponsor »
        Sensei Sean + Samantha Quiroz (Samantha Quiroz) Sponsor »
        Make Scott Work Out For A Good Cause (Scott Becker) Sponsor »
        The Banick Sisters (Tara Banick) Sponsor »
        Dan Ryan (dan ryan) Sponsor »
        Varon Boys (Cem Varon) Sponsor »
        Lilly's Fundraiser (briana hanson) Sponsor »
        Nikkiserbs (Nikola Petrovic) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Jacob Loveland) Sponsor »
        Ryan Arceo (Patricia Arceo) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Dan Costello) Sponsor »
        Noah and Nicholas Ranson (Trudie Ranson) Sponsor »
        Katie and Brian Ciaccio (Nicholas Ciaccio) Sponsor »
        Joseph Okulanis (Julie Okulanis) Sponsor »
        Jack’s Fundraising Page (Amy Robertz) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Pallavi Divekar) Sponsor »
        Gia Pelzer - Kick for Cures (Carl Pelzer) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (john sullivan) Sponsor »
        Elizabeth Nadelman Sponsor »
        Team Krug (Caryn Krug) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Jack York) Sponsor »
        Joe Zephries’s Fundraiser! (Joe Zephries) Sponsor »
        Leasure Family (Kathy Leasure) Sponsor »
        Sebastian Fundraising page (Amy Sebastian) Sponsor »
        Kenny Kicks for Cures (Kenny Floody) Sponsor »
        Wojtczak Family Kick for Cures (Doug Wojtczak) Sponsor »
        Tiffin Family (Eli Tiffin) Sponsor »
        Haidau Family (Augustin Haidau) Sponsor »
        Thahir Family (Shaza, Shayan and Dawud Thahir) (Shihana Thahir) Sponsor »
        Papelera Family (Deogenes Papelera) Sponsor »
        Scranton Kick for Cures (Dina Scranton) Sponsor »
        McAlister Family (Heather McAlister) Sponsor »
        Ozymko Fundraising Page (Victoria Ozymko) Sponsor »
        Declan Brownlee’s Fundraising Page! (Melissa Brownlee) Sponsor »
        Marcus Kicks for Cures (Marcus Borawski) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page-Kyle Tran (Kyle Tran) Sponsor »
        Sam & Jasmine (Samantha Mattison) Sponsor »
        Marialis Parra (Rosann Parra) Sponsor »
        O’Dell Family (eric o'dell) Sponsor »
        Bhoomika's Fundraising (Bhoomika Pillai) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Jamie Symons) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Mark Nowak) Sponsor »
        Paul Nemeth Sponsor »
        Tiffany’s Fundraising ~ Kick for Cures - (Tiffany Chu) (David Chu) Sponsor »
        Jakob Fung (Clara Quach) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Max Fischer) Sponsor »
        George & Nolan Beach (George Beach) Sponsor »
        Shivani and Kush Patel's Kick For Cures Fundraising Page (shivani patel) Sponsor »