Kick for Cures 2010
Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
Location: Date/Time:
October 24, 2010 Locations: Downers Grove Mount Prospect Naperville Vernon Hills Virtual Event October 1 - December 31, 2010
9/22/2010 -  12/31/2010
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Total Raised: $30,642


Please help support ISKC's

Kick for Cures

Kick-A-Thon October 24, 2010

Your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers will want to join in and help in this fight against devastating illnesses. Collect a pledge amount per kick/punch or a single donation. Together we can accomplish our goal. Together we can make a difference in someone's life!

Virtual Kick-A-Thon October 1 through December 31, 2010
Create online sponsorships pages and invite friends, family and coworkers to donate


To participate in the Virtual Event:

  • Click the Register button at the top of this page
  • Setup a sponsorship page
  • You can personalize your page with your goal, a picture and your own message
  • Send that page to everyone you know, post links on your facebook or myspace page, Put a link on your website or the website of someone who wants to sponsor you.
  • The rest is done online.
  • If someone wants to donate by cash or check - enter their information on a pledge form, make checks payable to Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
  • Send the form and donations to:

 Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
PO Box 887
Palatine, Il 60078-0887

Logos for your website, facebook or myspace page
To save right click on the logo and save picture as to download to your computer

Where does the money go?

The money is allocated to 3 funds

  • Charities that provide support and cure research
    • Make A Wish
    • Michael J. Fox Foundation
    • Alzheimer's Foundation
    • Augie's Quest
    • American Brain Tumor Association
    • American Cancer Society
    • Susan G Koman for the Cure
    • Autism Speaks
    • Bear Necessities
    • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    • Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
  • ISKC's Stricken Families In Need Fund
  • Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund


        • To reserve your time slot please contact the ISKC office at 847-359-0666 or via email at
        • For your convenience, we will be holding this Kick for Cures at four different locations.
          • All time slots are for all belt levels (White - Black) and all ages.
            • Riverwoods School - 2607 Riverwoods Drive, Naperville (Times: 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm; 2:30 pm -3:30 pm)
            • O'Neill Middle School - 635 59th Street, Downers Grove (Times: 10 am - 11 am; 11:15 am - 12:15 pm)
            • Lions Park - 411 S. Maple Street, Mt. Prospect (Times: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm; 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm)
            • Sullivan Center - 635 N. Aspen Drive, Vernon Hills (Times: 10:30 am - 11:30 am; 11:45 am - 12:45 pm)
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        Rollin Burket $3,325.00
        joel schleicher $1,358.00
        Danny Friedman $1,271.00
        Rita Masini $1,110.00
        Melissa DiPasquale $1,005.00
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        Joel Schleicher's fundraising page (joel schleicher) Sponsor »
        Danny Friedman Sponsor »
        Rita Masini - Help Kick the Butt out of Cancer!!! (Rita Masini) Sponsor »
        Melissa DiPasquale Sponsor »
        Michelle DiPasquale Sponsor »
        This time it's personal (John Vercellino) Sponsor »
        Debbie's Fundraising Page (Debra Marsico) Sponsor »
        Diane and Nick Martin Sponsor »
        The Jones Boys take on Kicks for a Cure (Nathaniel Jones) Sponsor »
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        Sensei Peja Bajic, Marko & Stephanie (Predrag Bajic) Sponsor »
        Tony Solon (Anthony Solon) Sponsor »
        Devin & Dyanna Boone Sponsor »
        Sensei Liz Picchiotti (Liz Picchiotti) Sponsor »
        JP's Kick for Cures (Jonathan Peters) (Jonathan Peters) Sponsor »
        Adam and Emily Morgan Sponsor »
        Matt and Perry Ross (Perry and Michael Ross) Sponsor »
        Peter & Chris Gabriel (PETER/CHRIS GABRIEL) Sponsor »
        Sensei Vlad Klipinitser (Vlad Klipinitser) Sponsor »
        Timothy E Owens (Timothy Owens) Sponsor »
        Sensei Dale Weber (Dale Weber) Sponsor »
        Eddie Allegretti Sponsor »
        Sensei Wail fundrasing page (stephen wail) Sponsor »
        Team Inamine Kicks For Cures (Gabrielle, Jaden & Crayne) (Nancy Inamine) Sponsor »
        Mary Bean Sponsor »
        Watts Family (Michael, Allison, & Tim) (Tim Watts) Sponsor »
        Sensei Sturm (Paul Sturm) Sponsor »
        Ethan Pearson Sponsor »
        Talleys Family Kick for Cures (mark talley) Sponsor »
        Kelsey Schumann Kick for Cures (Kelsey Schumann) Sponsor »
        Theresa Rathslag's Kick For Cures Page (Theresa Rathslag) Sponsor »
        Poppy and Simon Histed (Darcie Histed) Sponsor »
        Saoirse Kerr's Fundraising Page (Saoirse Kerr) Sponsor »
        Jeremy's Kick for Cures (Jeremy Potratz) Sponsor »
        Chris Czajka (chris czajka) Sponsor »
        Ben Broach (Lori Broach) Sponsor »
        Matthew Thomas Needs Your Help! (Matthew Thomas) Sponsor »
        Shawn Masters Sponsor »
        Annemarie Elser's Fundraising Page (Greg Elser) Sponsor »
        Dave Straza Sponsor »
        Abby Ford and Ron Thompson (Ron and Abby thompson and ford) Sponsor »
        Brianna and Emma Eggebrecht (Dale Eggebrecht) Sponsor »
        Rachel Pellegrino Sponsor »
        Zach's Kick for Cures Fundraising Page (Dan Ungerleider) Sponsor »
        Katrina & Tom Sholeen (Sholeen Katrina) Sponsor »
        ISKC at UIUC (Michael Rogan) Sponsor »
        Ed Brien ( Ed Brien) Sponsor »
        John Crowl Sponsor »
        Platek Team - Kicking for a Cure (Elizabeth Platek) Sponsor »
        Sensei Beth Noia (Beth Noia) Sponsor »
        Jordyn Kicks For Cures (Jordyn Smith) Sponsor »
        Kanan Brothers Kicking to Honor Grandma (Stacy Kanan) Sponsor »
        Alexander & Sandra Gale (Alexander Gale) Sponsor »
        James & Travis Remlinger (James Remlinger) Sponsor »
        Sensei Julio Egoavil's Fundraising Page (Julio Egoavil) Sponsor »
        Ellora & Ian's Kick For Cures (Ellora & Ian Jjaggi) Sponsor »
        Carly Sullivan's Fundraising page (Lisa Sullivan) Sponsor »
        Greg Butler Fundraising Page (Greg Butler) Sponsor »
        Mary Nelson (Mary Nelson) Sponsor »
        Isabella Alcivar's Donation Page (Pamela Alcivar) Sponsor »
        Kick for Cures 2010 (Gregg Piotrowski) Sponsor »
        Mary Plovich Sponsor »
        Help Camille Papelera raise funds for Kick for Cures 2010 (Camille Papelera) Sponsor »
        Sophie Lekas' KIck for Cures Page (Sophie Lekas) Sponsor »
        Hannah & Abbey Fuster (Hannah Fuster) Sponsor »
        Nick & Alex Nugent (Nicholas Nugent) Sponsor »
        Cannella Fundraising Page (Jenna & Nick Cannella) Sponsor »
        Robert Villar Sponsor »
        Miriam Balavender Sponsor »
        Sensei Noia (Sensei Dominic Noia) Sponsor »
        Cheryl, John and Zak Baumann (Cheryl Baumann) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Leigh Radnitzer) Sponsor »
        Rory Mullins Sponsor »
        Andrew Fischer Family (Andrew Fischer) Sponsor »
        Alysa Berenson Sponsor »
        Nancy Neuman Sponsor »
        Linda Papreck Sponsor »
        Sensei Patel's Kick for Cures (Prayag Patel) Sponsor »
        Xander Weber's Fundraising Page (Xander Weber) Sponsor »
        Phil Hampel Sponsor »
        George Manisco Sponsor »
        The Wojtczak Family (Doug, Deneise & Donald) (Doug Wojtczak) Sponsor »
        Gina Ponzetti's Fund Raising Page (Gina Ponzetti) Sponsor »
        Madelyn Bixby's Fundraising Page (Carrie Griffin) Sponsor »
        Austin Kelly Sponsor »
        Joey Dalo Sponsor »
        Naomi Stamer Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Michael Larrivee) Sponsor »
        Vincent Maikranz Kicks for Cures (Vincent Maikranz) Sponsor »
        Kevin and Mia Rondoni (Kevin Rondoni) Sponsor »
        Angela's Kick for Cures Page (Angela Wong) Sponsor »
        Juan Oshiro Sponsor »
        Lisette Prince Sponsor »
        Tyler and Carly's Page (Tyler Swanson) Sponsor »
        Robbie Williams Sponsor »
        Jenny Williams Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Anita Kuhnle) Sponsor »
        Sean Hixson Sponsor »
        Max and Sam Kogen Sponsor »
        Ellen and Michael Kaushansky (Ellen Kaushansky) Sponsor »
        Diane Schommer Sponsor »
        Brad Knight Sponsor »
        Cynthia Shayne Sponsor »
        Kasside Leasure Sponsor »
        2010 kicks for cures! (Lena Pekaj) (Lena Pekaj) Sponsor »
        Mateos and Dominic Matigian (Mateos Matigian) Sponsor »
        Taylor Celano's ISKC Kick For Cures (Taylor Celano) Sponsor »
        Mike Celano (Mike Celano) Sponsor »
        Alyssa Tornabene Sponsor »
        Sensei Patel Kick for Cures (RAMENDRA PATEL) Sponsor »
        Shivani's Fundraising Page :] (Shivani Thakker) Sponsor »
        ISKC Kick For Cures Donations for Rachel Richardson (Rachel Richardson) Sponsor »
        Jake Dooley - Kick for Cures (julie dooley) Sponsor »
        Devin Leasure (Devin Leasure) Sponsor »
        Glenn Brown Cant Do It Alone (Glenn Brown) Sponsor »
        Joel Pelkonen's Fundraising Page (Joel Pelkonen) Sponsor »
        Gautille Family (Susan Gautille) Sponsor »
        Gerald's Kicks for Cures Page (Gerald Leesch) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Lisa Swanson) Sponsor »
        Morrall Family Kick for Cures (Richard Morrall) Sponsor »
        Kiran' Kicks for Cures Page (Kiran Mohan) Sponsor »
        Alex and Amanda Diana (Amanda Diana) Sponsor »
        Kick Cancer in the Butt with Alli Mack! (Alli Mack) Sponsor »
        Demerin Kick for Cure (Joshua Demerin) Sponsor »
        Matthew Zalewski Sponsor »