Kick for Cures 2012
Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
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Location: Harper College 1200 Algonquin Road Palatine, IL 60067
1:00 pm
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Total Raised: $96,920


Please help support ISBC's

Kick for Cures

Kick-A-Thon  August 26, 2012

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Kick-A-Thon

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Pizza Party

Your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers will want to join in and help in this fight against devastating illnesses. Collect sponsorship donations. Together we can accomplish our goal. Together we can make a difference in someone's life!

Virtual Kick-A-Thon June 15 through December 31, 2012
Create online sponsorships pages and invite friends, family and coworkers to donate


To participate in the Virtual Event:

  • Click the Register button at the top of this page
  • Setup a sponsorship page
  • You can personalize your page with your goal, a picture and your own message
  • Send that page to everyone you know, post links on your facebook or myspace page, Put a link on your website or the website of someone who wants to sponsor you.
  • The rest is done online.
  • If someone wants to donate by cash or check - enter their information on a pledge form, make checks payable to Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
  • Send the form and donations to:

 Illinois Shotokan Karate Booster Club
PO Box 887
Palatine, Il 60078-0887

Logos for your website, facebook or myspace page
To save right click on the logo and save picture as to download to your computer

Where does the money go?

The money is allocated to 3 funds

  •                Charities that provide support and cure research
    • Make A Wish
    • Michael J. Fox Foundation
    • Alzheimer's Foundation
    • Augie's Quest
    • American Brain Tumor Association
    • American Cancer Society
    • Susan G Koman for the Cure
    • Autism Speaks
    • Bear Necessities
    • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    • Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
     ISKC's Stricken Families In Need Fund
  • Jennifer Malloy Scholarship Fund

        • Please reserve your spot online or contact the ISKC office at 847-359-0666 or via email at 
        • The 2012 Kick For Cures will be held this year at Harper College, 1200 Algonquin Road, Palatine, Il  60067
        • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Kick-A-Thon
        • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Pizza Party
        • Pizza Party for all participants will follow at Harper College, sponsored by the Illinois Shotokan Booster Club


        • The Kick-a-thon is for all belt levels (White - Black) and all ages.

         Top Standings
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        Rollin Burket $8,150.00
        John DiPaquale $1,835.00
        Predrag Bajic $1,665.00
        mark talley $1,425.00
        Dale Weber $1,385.00
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        Rollin Burket Sponsor »
        DiPasquale Family (John DiPaquale) Sponsor »
        Sensei Bajic (Predrag Bajic) Sponsor »
        Talley Family Kick for Cures Page (mark talley) Sponsor »
        Carlos & Cilia Conley (Chris Conley) Sponsor »
        Rita's Kicking for a Cure (Rita Masini) Sponsor »
        Aaron Caldwell Sponsor »
        John Vercellino Sponsor »
        Ava Zacharuk Sponsor »
        Ellen Giudice Sponsor »
        Emily Rosell Sponsor »
        Sensei Dave Straza (Dave Straza) Sponsor »
        Alli, Taylor, Alexis, and Lyndsey Mack Family (Alli Mack) Sponsor »
        Diane and Nick Martin (Diane and Nick Martin) Sponsor »
        Bill Bastian (William Bastian) Sponsor »
        Noah Glenzinski Sponsor »
        Sensei Dominic Noia (dominic noia) Sponsor »
        Perry and Michael Ross (Michael Ross) Sponsor »
        Madison & Don Hawrysz Kick for Cures (Don Hawrysz) Sponsor »
        Tryfonopoulos Boys Kicking For Cures (Angie Tryfonopoulos) Sponsor »
        PAPRECK'S PLEDGE (Linda Papreck) Sponsor »
        Luke's Kick for Cures Page (Luke Levin) Sponsor »
        Tyler and Carly Swanson (Susan Swanson) Sponsor »
        Brian Mertel (brian mertel) Sponsor »
        Dr. Tom Pusateri (Thomas Pusateri) Sponsor »
        Dylan's Kick for Cures Fundraising Page (Dylan Phillips) Sponsor »
        Ian and Ellora Jaggi (Ellora & Ian Jaggi) Sponsor »
        Shawn's Kick for Cures Page (Shawn Masters) Sponsor »
        -JP Kick for Cures (Jonathan Peters) Sponsor »
        Matthew Nguyen and Trang Le (Trang Le) Sponsor »
        Miriam and Gabriel Balavender (Miriam Balavender) Sponsor »
        Erica's Fundraising Page (eric simmerman) Sponsor »
        Jenna and Nick Cannella Fundraising Page (Cindy Cannella) Sponsor »
        Noah and LIam (Tracey Rieber) Sponsor »
        Team Inamine Kick For Cures Page (Crayne, Gabrielle & Jaden) (Nancy Failla Inamine) Sponsor »
        Avinash and Renuka Nathan (Renuka Nathan) Sponsor »
        Sensei Patel (Prayag Patel) Sponsor »
        Doctors Renner and Kinesis Healthcare Page (David Renner) Sponsor »
        John and Stacey LaTona (John LaTona) Sponsor »
        Jens Family (Will, Linus, Simon, Toby) Fundraising Page (William Jens) Sponsor »
        Jeremy Potratz' Kick for Cures (Jeremy Potratz) Sponsor »
        Beach Boys Page (Fatima Beach) Sponsor »
        Adriana and Anthony Martinez Fundraising Page (Carmel Martinez) Sponsor »
        Sensei Sturm (PAUL STURM) Sponsor »
        Glenn Schirmer's Fundraising Page (Glenn Schirmer) Sponsor »
        Andrew and Kevin Doherty (Andrew Doherty) Sponsor »
        Sensei Pekaj's Donation Page (Lena Pekaj) Sponsor »
        Adam and Emily Morgan Kick for Cures (Adam and Emily Morgan) Sponsor »
        Sensei Liz Picchiotti Sponsor »
        Sensei York's Page (Jack York) Sponsor »
        Tiffin Family Kick For Cures (Lyra & Eli) (Eli Tiffin) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Griffin Snow) Sponsor »
        Eddie Allegretti (Edward Allegretti) Sponsor »
        Watts Family Kick-for-cures Fundraising Page (Tim Watts) Sponsor »
        Will's Kick for Cures page (William Gatch) Sponsor »
        Erica's Kicks for Cure Fundraising Page (Sue Bilderback) Sponsor »
        Thomas Plackett Sponsor »
        Sensei Beth Noia (Beth Noia) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Lizzy Mitchell) Sponsor »
        Sensei Wail (stephen wail) Sponsor »
        Sensei Celano (Mike Celano) Sponsor »
        Lawrence Lampasona's Fundraising Page (lawrence lampasona) Sponsor »
        Theresa Rathslag Kick for Cures (Theresa Rathslag) Sponsor »
        Goreliks Kick For Cure (Michael Gorelik) Sponsor »
        Team Rodriguez (Marco Rodriguez) Sponsor »
        Amelia Morikuni (Shirley Morikuni) Sponsor »
        Hollander Fundraising Page (Melissa Hollander) Sponsor »
        Kicking For Cures!! (Kenny Johnson) Sponsor »
        Derek Lee's Kicks for Cures Fundraising Page (April Lee) Sponsor »
        Jim Weber Fundraising Page (Jim Weber) Sponsor »
        Ayush and Rohan Vashi's Fundraising Page (Sangita Vashi) Sponsor »
        Jordan's Fundraising Page (Jordan Ordonez) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Jason Torres) Sponsor »
        Alysa Berenson's fundraising page! (Alysa Berenson) Sponsor »
        Lynette's Kicking for Cures page! (Adam Lewis) Sponsor »
        Jarvis Family Fundraising Page for Kick for Cures (Irma Jarvis ) Sponsor »
        Katrina and Tom Sholeen (Katrina Sholeen) Sponsor »
        Wojtczak family Kick for Cures (Donald, Deneise & Doug) (Doug Wojtczak) Sponsor »
        Sensei Ed Brien ( Ed Brien) Sponsor »
        Gina Ponzetti Sponsor »
        Abby Ford`s Fundraising Page (Abby Ford) Sponsor »
        Sensei Bobby Villar (Robert Villar) Sponsor »
        Katherine's Fundraising Page (Katherine Nelson) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Judy SooHoo) Sponsor »
        Beth's Fundraising Page (Beth Rubin) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Sarah Diakow) Sponsor »
        Andrew's Fundraising Page (Andrew Nelson) Sponsor »
        Matthew's Fundraising Page (Matthew Nelson) Sponsor »
        Michael Freeman Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Joey Dalo) Sponsor »
        Ed Steinweg's Fundraising Page (Edward Steinweg) Sponsor »
        Reuben Diaz Sponsor »
        Lauren and Sandra Kelley (Sandra Kelley) Sponsor »
        Payton's Pink Ribbon Pledge (Payton Hunter) Sponsor »
        Phil Hampel's Fundraising Page (Phil Hampel) Sponsor »
        Price Family Fundraising Page (Amy Price) Sponsor »
        Madelyn's Fundraising Page (Madelyn Bixby) Sponsor »
        Chandler, Zachary & Kyrstin Ury (Lesley Ury) Sponsor »
        Cynthia Shayne's Fundraising Page (Cynthia Shayne) Sponsor »
        Vasilis Adrian Sponsor »
        Alex Millunchick's Fundraising Page (alex millunchick) Sponsor »
        Sensei Frisvold (Noah Frisvold) Sponsor »
        Turney Family's Kicking for Cures (Teri Turney) Sponsor »
        Riley's Fundraising Page (Riley Oleson) Sponsor »
        Holly and Colin Miller Sponsor »
        Jenny Williams (Donna Williams) Sponsor »
        Nick Nugent (Jean Nugent) Sponsor »
        Alexa Opal's Fundraising Page (Alexa Opal) Sponsor »
        Ben Broach Sponsor »
        Julio Egoavil Sponsor »
        Jim Remlinger (James Remlinger) Sponsor »
        Sciuckas Family Fundraising Page (Julie Sciuckas) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Lauren Panka) Sponsor »
        The Elser Family Fundraising Page (Greg Elser) Sponsor »
        Sensei Gomez (ALBERTO GOMEZ) Sponsor »
        Max and Sam Kogen (Maureen kogen Kogen) Sponsor »
        Cara Jo Miner's fundraising page (Cara Miner) Sponsor »
        Karissa Smola Sponsor »
        Sensei Juan Oshiro (Juan Oshiro) Sponsor »
        Lapidus Family Sponsor »
        Albert Kwan Sponsor »
        Bailey Radnitzer Sponsor »
        Wendy Napolitano Sponsor »
        Nathan's Fundraising Page (Nathan Kumar) Sponsor »
        Stanczak Family (Tina Stanczak) Sponsor »
        Paddy Basovsky Sponsor »
        Shelly and Carley's Kick for Cures 2012 (shelly jagiello) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Nicole Woodhead) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Poppy & Simon Histed) Sponsor »
        Krater Family - Connor, Liam and Julie (Julie Krater) Sponsor »
        Serena Lim's Fundraiser Page (Serena Lim) Sponsor »
        Devin and Kasside Leasure Kicking for cures (Kathy Leasure) Sponsor »
        The Pelzer's - Kick for Cures fundraising page (Carl Pelzer) Sponsor »
        Alex Smyrnioits Fundraising Page (Anna Smyrniotis ) Sponsor »
        Elise Vorpahl Kicks It! (Margaret Vorpahl) Sponsor »
        Erik's Fundraising Page (Erik Nelson) Sponsor »
        Katie Byrne Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Chris and Kristen Guglielmi) Sponsor »
        Alec & Kyle Kretovic Karate Kick for Cures Fundraising Event (Kristine Kretovic) Sponsor »
        NaomiS (Naomi Stamer) Sponsor »
        The Yount Family (Sara Yount) Sponsor »
        Brenden Mc Carthy (Brenden McCarthy) Sponsor »
        Morrall Family Kicks For Cures (Richard Morrall) Sponsor »
        Amish & Anokhi Shah (Amish Shah) Sponsor »
        Vivian and Ethan Pearson (Ethan Pearson) Sponsor »
        Parma Fundraising Page (Alyssa Parma) Sponsor »
        Rogan's Kick For Cures (Mike Rogan) Sponsor »
        Kaytlin's Kickathon Kickorama Donation Page (Kathryn Townsend) Sponsor »
        Rose's Fundraising Page (Kelly Hemmer) Sponsor »
        Matthew Zalewski Sponsor »
        Illinois Shotokan Booster Club's Kick for Cures (Diane Schommer) Sponsor »
        Wyatt Lisberg Sponsor »
        George Manisco Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Marty Rogan) Sponsor »
        Help Buzz Kick for a Cure (Zak Umansky) Sponsor »
        Seamus Quinn (the Beast) (Andrea Quinn) Sponsor »
        Eric Zalewski (Eric Zalewski) Sponsor »
        Cameron Churchwell (Sharon Churchwell) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Alex Pandolfi) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Steven Dritz) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Audrey Gerdzunas) Sponsor »
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        Chases Kick For Cures (Chase Kruse) Sponsor »
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        2012 Kick for Cures (Lauren Inabnit) Sponsor »
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        My Fundraising Page (Thomas Minster) Sponsor »
        Justin Chung's Fundraising Page (Justin Chung) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Alex Díana) Sponsor »
        Stephanie Strauss Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (pavel shurov) Sponsor »
        Steph's fundraising page (Stephanie Kevil ) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Kelsey Kaufmann) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Andrea Jones) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Peter/Chris Gabriel) Sponsor »
        Stephen Kicks for Cures (Stephen Posner) Sponsor »
        Vincent Maikranz (Vince Maikranz) Sponsor »
        Lingl Family participation in Kick for Cures 2012 (Mark Lingl) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (James Estrella III) Sponsor »
        Kanans Kicking for Kures (Stacy Kanan) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Nick Boulamatsis) Sponsor »
        Ken Bloom (Ken Bloom) Sponsor »
        Nathan Agno's Fundraising Page (Nathan Agno) Sponsor »
        My Fundraising Page (Kendall Reichmann) Sponsor »