Danny Did Chicago Marathon Team 2016
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Location: Date/Time:
Grant Park, Chicago
7:30 am
Contact Information: Other Info:
mduffy@dannydid.org Click to view more info about the event
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The Danny Did Foundation greatly appreciates our runners’ time and commitment in supporting
SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) Awareness

Benefits of being a Team Danny Did Runner Include: :

-Complimentary race entry- a $185 value!  Danny Did will refund your race entrance fee once your $1,000 ($1500 for post lottery close runners) fundraising goal is reached.
- A custom online fundraising page
-Complimentary 18-week CARA training program ($200 value)

-Team Danny Did Tech Shirt
-Awards for the top 3 fundraisers
-Awards for the first 3 fundraisers to reach $1,000
-Private Post- race Team Danny party, dry & warm!
-Recruiting bonus: Bring a new runner to our Team and receive a $100 credit toward you fundraising goal

AND…An All Access Pass to the inspiration and the energy of Danny Stanton!


How to Get Started:

  • After reading this page, please click on the register button.
  • You will be asked to give your personal sponsorship page a title (please use your first and last name), set your goal, and add your own message. Below you will find information about Danny Did, please feel free to cut and paste this into your page after your own personal message. Your personal sponsorship link will be provided on your receipt.
  • You must create a free events.org account so you are able to change or update your sponsorship page as often as you like (be sure to add a picture!). You will be prompted to set a password on the registration page.

Share your online fundraising link with your family, friends,
co-workers and neighbors and everyone you can think of!


 In every early morning run, in every training mile, and most of all, as you wake up on race morning,
we hope that you feel and gain strength from Danny’s never ending love. Danny Did love to run.

PLEASE VISIT http://www.dannydid.org/ TO LEARN MORE

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Caley Doran $6,108.71
Sharon Moeykens $5,132.00
Colleen Heidkamp $3,350.00
Courtney Murphy $3,000.20
Molli Salzman $2,350.00
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